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  1. well (not to criticize) its just a change and addition of scenarios(that already exist on the forum) anyway nice ui at least
  2. its just a scenario,there is already a place for that einstein its just one scenario mod adds more then a scenaro
  3. this isnt a mod.this is a scenario
  4. join my discord server if you are so curious here is a link--- https://discord.gg/Pg9QSe
  5. the author of addon is named Reich,ask him cuz he could explain better,i guess you will be able to achieve what you want Greetings from Macedonia
  6. Here is a video,sub,like and share if you like it
  7. Please sub to my channel,i have other stuff too however i dont want this to be just advertising 🙂 so here it is
  8. do you know that this gif usually means a sarcastic bravo,so ur savage
  9. its the game,the game is bad optimized in some ways,however some pcs can go further then other but there is end
  10. man the map is same as every,the earth is turning so its just another look at it,you can make scenario with then nations,that would be cool
  11. true,the trade is fucked up but trading provinces works,just think,would a nation sell a good province? no,i saw one guy said that that your provinces aare worthless and their are expensive,not true,you should build in your provinces and they get more value(the stars on province you see),mostly players dont do that,but ai does,so build in your provinces and you will have more developed ones,also to mention i have buyed a province from a nation,so it is possible
  12. a lot of mods goin on so kinda,also some people have it cracked so like i said kinda
  13. finished connections for the map,now we have to adjust the growth rate and some cities(saying some cuz some countries are cities),then i will add civilizations and a lot of scenarios,after that there will be some events like for the countries to make peace deals without need to annex it whole but just important cities,you can suggest me anything under this message
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