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  1. people this game is so easy to access to anything,any file just use your brain
  2. yeah anyway this "argue" is stupid
  3. i didnt said cuz he calls you bruh read it please and try to get the point
  4. no you didnt answer on the previous comment...ahh yeah you cant(oh you did,bad net) i just said something,i said its kinda annoying you just hopped in stop that foolishness
  5. @ANEXISwow the background isnt bad also the rivers
  6. if i want i would you are the one
  7. yeah you are saying that cuz you are on his side 😉 dont worry i wont start any argue but kid u fucking got in conversation like daddy protecting here i didnt said anything wrong so.. yeah
  8. also you didnt got the point
  9. lol kid its weird imagine the pronouncing like plus it looked like he doesnt event know what it means kid @Forret does this matter
  10. i am not talking to u tt its just weird imagine saying bruh in every second
  11. why are you saying "bruh" like in every comment
  12. idk but this doesnt promise to me
  13. join the discord server for more informations https://discord.gg/z4DKDz
  14. isnt finished yet there arent scenarios and new civs join the discord for more informations https://discord.gg/z4DKDz
  15. there is mod called bloody europe so
  16. true well lucky i am doing something about balkan so there will be at least 5 formables for any modern day country
  17. duh ik by the map editor for formables but i want it in the mod,to be included.... ahh
  18. that happened to me in other games i have played on android i think its keyboard problem
  19. not to be offensive or something,you know me by another your topic but this isnt a mod,but a scenario so isnt fair to put it in mods instead of scenarios mods need a lot of more work
  20. some of those flags already exist
  22. THE MAP IS DONE! 2567 PROVINCES there were 4 bugs,i fixed them so,soon it will be released,as i have a lot of stuff for school to do it will take longer then it have to but expect it really soon 😉
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