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  1. Age of Anime is a mod that changes every leaders portrait including the ones that dont have a portrait or a leader and some other UI Elements and changes it with anime! Completed Scenarios : - Modern World : Complete ! - World War II : Complete ! - Victorian Era : Complete ! - 1440 : Will Come In V2 DOWNLOAD LINK : Mediafire the mod should work with other mods (tested with addon+) and we're planning to add the portraits of every single civilization in the game so stay tuned! Update Log : - Victorian Era Scenario Is Completely Finished
  2. It can be done if lukasz made a lobby system like in hearts of iron IV so that the host can select some settings before starting. The turns will pass automatically After some time and that time depends on the setting that the host chose. And alternative setting will be that the multiplayer settings can be done with a changed version of Warzone (web-based game) Turn system.
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