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  1. This is a union of Visegrad. Poland Czech Republic Slovakia and Hungary created one country. 1556966723219xqzizcer.rar
  2. My eyes!!! Why Lithuania is exists!! 1569-1795 Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania creadted in 1569 Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. First capital is Cracow (pol.Kraków) Second capital is Warsaw (pol.Warszawa) Poland not control SIlesia in this time and Back Pomerania. Scenario is good but broders in Europe to repair.
  3. Capital of Poland-Lithuanian Commonwealth is WARSAW not VILNUS!!!
  4. This Scenerio is a America from series Man i High Castle. Civs.rar 1554389424887kmollrcy.rar
  5. 1. Civil war has been beafore goverment (not always), it will depend on happines. 2. Leaders dead it will depend on random date or death in the battle or old years. Sorry for my English 🙂
  6. No Maybe I will add them...
  7. World War I has started in 1914 28 July. Austria-Hunagry attacked Serbia after the attack Francis Ferdinand. Francis was the heir to the throne of Austria-Hunagry. worldwar1.rar worldwar1.rar
  8. Good Scenario but... Ethiopia. In 1936 Italy conquer Ethiopia.
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    1941 World is in the fire... 1549801108343txyhjywa.rar
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    Games War

    Please NO 😂😂😂😂😂
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    Games War

    I add folders with civs
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    Games War

    i dont know i was bored 😂😂😂😂😂
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