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  1. you don't need to attack with all of your troops. you can, if you so choose, only attack with 50% if you want, for example, and leave the other half at the front line
  2. An additional building may not be necessary, for the existing armory may take on the additional benefit under your proposal. Also maybe one could invest tech points into recruitment as well.
  3. Considering computer power, not only would mobile devices would be affected, but many computers too. My laptop already has difficulties processing AoC2. It will also take away the originality of the game. While I have nothing against the existence of such a system, I want it to be optional, so in the form of a mod or add-on.
  4. Personally I do not like the game on mobile, the buttons are too small and you can't really focus on the game. I play it on PC and love it. I think AoC1 is almost perfect for mobile tho. AoC1 was a bit too simple. I like casual games, but come on, AoC1 is too extreme. Also, there are many other way intense strategy games. AoC2 is a perfect middle ground, thus it is unique. I think that AoC2 is already quite complex. I've played it for tens of hours and am still discovering new things and ways to play. New unit types will clutter the map and take away focus from things that I do th
  5. Texas

    Changing map

    Where in the file do I put this?
  6. When you hover over the population of a country in the pop up on the left side of screen, it shows a list of all the nationalities of people and also how many population you get each turn. This works fine in early game but as soon as you start to conquer more people, the top of the list grows off screen. I then can't see how many people i get each turn or most of the top of the list. I suggest having it grow down, so that the top is always visible
  7. I don't mean like changing province borders, I just want to have another copy of a map so I can use the existing tools to change it, like the terrain editor or growth rate editor, without modifying the existing map
  8. example - i want to have a flooded earth map or one with really high growth rate but i dont want to change the original map
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