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  1. Well I'll be damned, he did it! I asked if it would be on android a little under a year ago and was given a "maybe"; didn't fully get my hopes up, as is often the case with other mods, but the mad lad actually delivered. So often we get these mod ideas that promise so much only to wind up dying before reaching a year of development. This mod deserves a lot more attention and praise for its refreshing innovations compared to all the other generic mods we see all the time making the same changes in scenarios - this is one of the few guys breaking that trend and doing it goddamn perfectly. Cheers
  2. Is there a way to modify the economy growth to absolute zero so that it never increases or decrease regardless of any variable because changing it via the Ages.json file doesn't seem to work for me
  3. @Trans-AmurHey I've been trying to use Project Alpha because it is somewhat redeemable in that it has lots of provinces and, since you've helped me out in the past with this kind of stuff, I was wondering if you could tell me where I need to go in the dex editor to change the range of the economic growth slider in the scenario editor (similar to how you changed it in BE II to be a minimum of -600 to a maximum of +5000). Any help is appreciated! 🙂
  4. Great to hear, I've always wanted an aoh mod that was greatly above the vanilla province quantity but the only ones out there make the game run like a potato with numbers above 13k on android - hoping to finally play a with reasonable 6-10k map that won't melt through my phone. Your doing phenomenal work here and you don't get enough credit - keep it up man! We won't let the fire die out, you've got so much potential! Well worth the wait!
  5. Oh thats fantastic, hopefully there'll be an English version soon along with the rest of the Africa provinces. Overall it's good to hear! Looking forward to future updates. Keep up the good work!
  6. Yeah translations don't work well a lot of the time. Don't worry about it, people will be ignorant sometimes.
  7. Is this mod still being developed?
  8. I really appreciate the help man! One last question, where can I change the minimum number of units to attack? Right now it's set at where 100 units are needed to invade an enemy province but I want to reset it to the default 1. Thanks again dude!
  9. Can someone please tell me how to increase the cost of recruiting units because I'm currently not content with the current cost of 10 gold per unit(I can't figure it out even after trying to learn the coding language and attempting to edit the files, I'm just doing it for myself, I don't want to steal the mod and call it my own or anything)
  10. I think it would help overall if the price of troops increased a lot more (like at 100 coins per unit for example, or maybe an option in the scenario editor where you can decide how much troops cost) so that its not so easy to drain provinces of their population because within just a couple hundred turns, a lot of provinces are damn near drained because civs love getting troops from a handful of provinces and it just hurts too look at these white blotches where there used to be a lot of population, especially when there's a dark green province right next to it. But if this is done, the one fea
  11. When should the next update come out? (No pressure of course) Keep up the good work man!
  12. Nice work dude. Has the download link been updated with the bug fixes I mentioned yet?
  13. So far I've found two bugs. The first is with a handful of random provinces with a 100% growth rate compared to the rest having less than or equal to 50%. The second is with the scenario editor, or more specifically, in the "Manage Civilizations" section. Whenever hovering over a province, normally a pop-up would prompt you to select a civ for the province (i.e. hovering over London should prompt civs like England, United Kingdom, and etc.) but a noticeable amount of provinces don't have this - London, Lisbon, Athens, and Oslo to name a few.
  14. Side question: will this be available for Android? I could care less if the performance is garbage cause I can always just use specific parts of the map by using the scenario editor.
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