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  1. 我是一个来自中国的Mod制作人,在我的主持下,我和我的几位朋友完善了中文的国家、城市名称、等待框文字的翻译和完善。我对简体中文的国家翻译进行了全面的汉化,包括修改了原有的错误翻译以及翻译了未翻译的内容。如果作者需要,我可以把这个翻译无偿送给你们 I am a modder from China. Under my chairmanship, my friends and I have improved the translation and perfection of Chinese country, city name and waiting box text. I have made a comprehensive Chinese translation of simplified Chinese, including revising the original wrong translation and translating the untranslated content. If the author needs, I can give you this translation for free In addition, I hope the author pays attention to Chinese players
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