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  1. - Save the game as usual. - Exit to the main menu. - Click on the editor - Don't change anything, go out and start a new game. - Great job. Instead of the standard scenario, you see exactly that saved game.
  2. [From previous/deleted topic, written by me] So ... No updates. And, it seems to me, they never appear. Why? I dont know. I am not Lukasz. But! Why is Lukasz silent? Because if he admits that there will be no updates, the community will not survive it. There will be no point in staying on this forum, or even playing in AOC2. Those "cosmetic" mods and scenarios won't keep the game going, they will get boring. Not knowing the future of the game allows AOC2 to still hold some attention. Lukasz's confession will bury this game. Maybe he will make an update (hahaha, no), or he is looking for someone who buy the rights to this game, or he just makes a fckng CityBuilder (which, by the way, I propose to boycott if Lukasz does not do something with AOC2) Something like this ...
  3. because of conversations about AOC 2 update/future. War begun, Lukasz
  4. haha, there is no update for 2 years, not even news or at least rumors about it. Lukasz deletes all topics in which the community asks for updates. It hurts my heart, but I stopped believing in Lukasz's feedback long ago.
  5. I just want to say that this in itself is strange, what is now in the game. Look at Finland, in the photo. She declared independence in the outback, and is now there. Yes, increasing the number of troops would help Finland free all of its national territories, but AI itself is stupid and will capture all surrounding provinces, not just national ones. In the event that the whole territory of Finland declared independence, without a huge number of troops, this would lead to the same result as your version, only in a more realistic way.
  6. Let me disagree with you. In the same 1-4 provinces, the rebels will not be able to economically support a large number of troops. Will go to a huge minus. In addition, when they become independent, the borders look like this:
  7. Rebels usually appear during wars, in those provinces that: - have low stability - Low level of happiness (level drops if the province often changes it owner) - Have a national province of a non-existent, or another country. Rebels are weak because they rebel only in the 1–4 provinces with the worst "indicators", not in all their national provinces. For example, if the entire territory of Poland (as rebels) were disconnected from the Russian Empire (not just Warsaw and its environs), the rebels would be stronger. And the borders would be prettier. But for this you need ... to change the game code.
  8. In any case, these files should be there. However, they cannot be edited in any way. Of course, you can view the source code using JDGuide, but when I tried to open any of the classes using NetBeans IDE, the method bodies were not displayed. Perhaps there are other ways, but this is already a question for programmers.
  9. Strange things ... Try opening it with another archiver. And check your folder, maybe by mistake you open age \ of \ civilizations 2 \ jakowski \ lukasz \ desktop \, where exactly 2 .class files are stored
  10. Nice concept. But is there anyone who can implement at least the simplest multiplayer? I just want to blindly believe that an update will be released tomorrow ...
  11. Multiplayer would make this game perfect. However, its existence depends only on the developer. And the developer, it seems, is no longer going to do at least some updates.
  12. The final version? I ask because you forgot the northwestern Belarus, which was also part of Poland
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