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  1. If you use the editor, you will get these achievements easily. However, I think you don't use this way. I believe ◆Dream of Napoleon As France, annex all provinces in europe in Napoleonic War scenario. ◆Hail to Emperor As Grand Duchy of Austria, annex all princes of HRE in 1440 or 1200 scenario. ◆Northern Crusade As Teutonic Order, annex all provinces of Terra Mariana in 1200 scenario. ◆Brexitish empire As United Kingdom, annex all provinces of United States, India, and Ireland in Modern World scenario. ◆Netherlands we stand As Netherlands, annex all provinces of Dutch East Indies in World War 2 scenario. ◆Nightmare strikes back As Republic of Venice, take over Istanbul in 1440 scenario. ◆What are you doing in England? As France, annex all provinces of England and build a castle there.
  2. Special Ability of Netherland... It's flood! ◆Discharge Flood! (costs 5,000 money and 2.0 movement points) Huge amount of enemies are approaching to our own land. However, they don't know we have the last resort. Prepare the Inundation Lines! You can use this action to provinces in states of Holland. If you use this action, the province will be covered with much water. Attacks against flooded province will lead to significant results. (defending bonus +75%) Flooded provinces become normal provinces after some turns.
  3. ◆Colony - ex. British Malaya, Viceroyalty of New Spain, Great Korean Empire ・The suzerain absorbs 50% of income of its colony.・The suzerain can recruit units in provinces of its colony. ・The suzerain can build something in provinces of its colony. ・The colony can't declare war. This kind of vassal is created by annexation of tribal civilizations. The colony has some liberty desire when created. the suzerain becomes to be able to annex its colony after 30 turns. ◆Subject - ex. vassals of Seljuk empire, Soviet Socialist Republic in USSR ・same as colony. The suzerain can ask its subject to abandon its autonomy. If it accept, the suzerain occupy its provinces. ◆Puppet - ex. British raj, Holstein ・same as colony, but its suzerain absorbs 30% of income of its puppet. If you win the war and create a vassal, the created vassal will become this kind of vassal. The puppet may ask its suzerain to change itself to this kind of vassal when it has moderate liberty desire (20~30%). Suzerain can deny its request but the war will be started. ◆Dominion - ex. Dominion of Canada, Australia(WW2) ・same as Vassal in AoC2 now. (the suzerain can absorb only a few gold. The dominion can declare war.) The dominion may ask its suzerain to release itself. Release or War.
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