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  1. Its not a bug, you are overspending. check the % that you are spending on goods, research and investment. It must not go over 100%. It works like this: Example, there is 1000 Income. You spend 40% goods[400gold], 30% research[300 gold] and 40% investment [400 gold] | 1000- 1100 gold = -100 income Now if you increase it to 2000 income it will become 40% goods[800gold], 30% research[600 gold] and 40% investment [800 gold] =2200 gold | 2000-2200=-200 income See what happens?
  2. Hey peeps, I'm here today to share some tips for new members on how to have an easier time on AOC II. Was supposed to be posted like last month, but completely forgot about it :P. *Repost , accidentally put it in wrong category earlier. 1. When you start a game, disband your troops. It will let you gain more profit for the first few turns, netting you more income by the time of your first war. 2. Let smaller nations attack first.When you declare war on a smaller nation, cover your border with tier 2 forts and hold the line. This will lessen the amount of
  3. "You followed my idea of creating a mod, even though no game files were copied, the scenario is LITERALLY about whats happening in real life, and you're doing it for fame even though I'm less famous than you! *Insert more rambling here*" See how idiotic that honestly sounds? Plus, that text you posted is confusing, it's contradicting itself.
  4. Now, its easy to suggest something without actually thinking about it. Here are a few reasons why this shouldn't be implemented. 1) Game already loads slowly per turn & This game was originally made for mobile Do you realize how many additional calculations it would take per turn if you added that layer of complexity? Game already takes a while to go through a turn as it is. With that, you're doubling/tripling the amount of resources and most mobile devices will stop being able to get the most out of the game, opting for smaller maps just for a layer of complexity. 2) Its ea
  5. 1. Diplomacy stuck at 0 late game Its annoying late game where vassals now rebel because of that -.- [Although it might just be that im at turn 2600 .-.] 2. Stuck eco for some provinces at 99 Not that bad, but annoying.
  6. Cai

    Trading bug

    I gave ming dynasty 7m gold for the philippine city of Manila and they rejected.
  7. We should be able to see which nations we will be able to form with the country we want to play as when we are just selecting them, so we know which ones we can select to go on campaigning.
  8. Cai


    Yep, I agree. And with RTS mode, Large nations will have a massive disadvantage, unable to assimilate land easily while upgrading their provinces compared to smaller nations which has few things to do. By the time large nations move their troops to a front line, the enemy would have pushed already.
  9. Cai


    Problem with multiplayer is, these games will last AGES.... A Turn may take ~1s for one person who has nothing to do and is just growing one province, vs a person whose declaring war on multiple fronts taking a few minutes. The person that only spent 1s now has to wait minutes for the other person to finish... and then theres hundreds of others civs.
  10. Instead of editing I'll add more content here, so it becomes visible [editing does not notify people afaik]. 9) For the mass upgrades/build tool, to make it balanced, make using it more pricey than normal For example, instead of costing 10000 to upgrade that economy, it will instead take 13000 to make the game balanced. 10) [Non-Gameplay related] Extensive Plugin/Mod Support If possible, I'd like to see support for plugins as add-ons, I'd like to make them myself without having to change the game's code. Not plugins like different ui, but also adding commands, features etc.
  11. Great idea. In addition to that, add how long you want that investment to last for. So you dont have to wait alot of turns just to invest again.
  12. Its easy to play as Brandenburg and wipe all of them in 1200 and 1440 lol. It's annoying though when everyone declares war randomly at you.
  13. Yes, that was my first scenario to play XD. I was wondering " why cant i recruit anyone" Until i was like "Wait... i can recruit thousands from my capital" And wiped them....
  14. Cai

    Offer Vasalization

    I got it to be successful ones, but they have to be ALOT weaker than you. It only works 1-2 times per game of mine though.
  15. Development is actually cheap late game, compared to its benefits, it increases the rate at which your province grows. For early game, you should only increase development on your most valuable provinces, while ignoring your weakest ones. [As a recommendation, just increase development for provinces above 5000 Economy and is below 0.30 of your tech level] Example: A 9000 economy with 0.35 development on a 0.40 civ should basically be ignored A 9000 economy with 0.35 development on a 0.85 civ should be upgraded An economy that takes up 1% or above of your economy when yo
  16. Hello there! A Hardcore AOC Fan here for years :). Anyways, here is my list of suggestions for the game [Some of which may be already suggested, but this is just making it more organized :P] 1) Brush mode for Investing, Assimilation, Festivals and Building construction. These are pretty much self explanatory. Micromanagement gets annoying late game, where I have to manually select hundreds of provinces and improve them one by one. 2) Additional options for long term Investments. Give us the option to select how long we should invest for, investment currently is also annoying
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