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  1. i bet on my life when this gets released someone is going to steal it and run the background through 20000 filters on paint.net 😞
  2. who the fuck are these "google" accounts who posted 2 hours ago
  3. why not mate? becuase windows is utterly bullshit, you have to install software to open "RAR" Files such as "Winrar"
  4. Install winrar. download bloody europe II Rightclick on Bloody europe II file, click "open with winrar" frag contents in folder into AOC II directory
  5. if you have steam, try verifying the integrity of your aoc ii game files
  6. screenshot i could find with least amount of land owned by nations
  7. Nice mod! it would be great though if you made another background map that looks like victoria ii though
  8. very ambitious mod, something new for a change, especially the decision tree. can't wait for release!!
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RezyxQRCFFfinxm5YB4XA3ZdxL-JN-RB/view
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