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  1. Please give this province to russia before releasing the game
  2. Second suggestion for Poland (Hope kerem sees this)
  3. Thanks for showing me some attention bro

    1. MertOVİC


      No problem

      I like playing Russia a lot so I would be really happy when it gets the system that you just show.

    2. Fbtbtbrbrtbth


      Yeah. I hope it gets implemented into the mod.

  4. Good luck Ern! Please don't cancel this mod, it has a lot of potential to give.
  5. Waiting for the modified eu4 aoc2 mashup game, it soon will release.

  6. Where are the islands? papua new guinea and tasmania are missing and so is cyprus. Will you add them?
  7. Could we see the progress of the provinces? Is it complete?
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