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  1. Greetings, you usually know how to port pc based mods to android, so could you do that with this exact modification right here?
  2. The first island is the kerguelen island, and the second one is the chagos island archipelago. I have one more thing, could you also add the jan mayen island in northern europe?
  3. I know you're focusing more on the american tribes, but could you add these few small provinces in the baltics?
  4. Those are temporary in the game, they're supposed to remain as un colonizable and not meant to be taken.
  5. Mein Kampf is more important book than the bible. Hitler was so right about the jews and their mission to control and run the world for their own benefit. They are a people that is predicated upon scamming other people who arent jews. They lie, cheat, steal. They are masters of psychology who use tricks to manipulate people like Joe Biden. Just look at the the horrible acts of violence that the jews of israel has perpetrated in the past ten years. The israeli military imprison Palestinian children and torture them and then use them as human shields. They shoot the legs off innocent Palest
  6. I have a hard time trying to understand what you're saying
  7. Today's my birthday, so yall should celebrate it, since I'm a very important figure here on this forum. If Lukas deletes this topic, that would show disrespect towards me and community let alone. I've also come out to say that memososisi has a porn folder in the addin files, I think everyone knows this now. Let's give chairman baad a medal for commenting dead on every single topic post, I think that everyone should take advice from the grim reaper of the mods. Here's a song for my celebration. video0-6.mp4
  8. https://tenor.com/view/roleplay-roleplay-channel-rp-gif-19768548
  9. Undertale is a great game and I really do highly recommend it, you can get a copy at http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/ Get the Soundtrack on Steam or at http://tobyfox.bandcamp.com/
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