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  1. KaMiKaZe

    Age of Elder Scrolls

    Release date?
  2. KaMiKaZe

    Lukasz,If you can’t over ios version just give up

    Guilt is not his, iOS is very limited and difficult to develop apps, as I said before, Android is a more open platform
  3. KaMiKaZe


    Keep giving some time he will accept
  4. KaMiKaZe

    Lukasz,If you can’t over ios version just give up

    Man, iOS is a much more limited platform than Android, which in addition to being super simple to use, allows you to do whatever you want, this influences a lot for those who create games, because to develop for iOS is very difficult already that there are many limitations (as I said before)
  5. KaMiKaZe

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Mobile Edition

    Whoops if u want socialism in the place of communism, type "socialismo".
  6. KaMiKaZe

    Age of Civilizations 2 | Mobile Edition

    For portuguese-brazilian # Changed names Democracy = Democracia Direta Monarchy = Monarquia Absoluta Republic = RepĂșblica Mista Communism = Comunismo Fascism = Fascismo Horde = Horda Tribal = Tribal/Tribo (Anyone) CityState = Cidade Estado # New ideologies ParliamentaryMonarchy = Monarquia Parlamentar SocialDemocracy = Social Democracia LiberalDemocracy = Democracia Liberal ParliamentaryRepublic = RepĂșblica Parlamentar PresidentialRepublic = RepĂșblica Presidencial Theocracy = TeocrĂĄcia Anarchy = Anarquismo Technocracy = Tecnocracia Islamism = Islamismo Nationalism = Nacionalismo Conservatism = Conservadorismo Bonapartism = Bonapartismo Syndicalism = Sindicalismo
  7. KaMiKaZe


    You need to give money to him (much money)
  8. KaMiKaZe

    Holy Roman Exodus (EU4 Mod)

    Pls do more
  9. KaMiKaZe

    Age of Vikings (WIP)