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  1. Pretty nice, unfortunately i am not sure if i want to join. I will add you on Discord anyway
  2. Nice Job Kerem, As Always Its nice and clean. You just need to add more Modern Day Scenarios (Between 1700-2020).
  3. Narki

    Hello, I would like to ask you something, can I add your ideology in my little mod? Of course I will put your original blog and everything :D. PS: Any questions, ask me without problem.

    1. Leeb


      Dude, its free to use. You just needs to Credit me 🙂

  4. thanks : )

  5. Has a formable civs or th system of the HRE?
  6. Pretty nice, the only things we need is a bit of history and the civs you added (their names)
  7. Yes, Its sad that the people are using addon+ over adding they're own civs and Flags (Its too much work for them, i think so lol )
  8. Leeb

    New Ideology added

    I just added the "Non aligned" ideology I am just posting the file here, you can add your own crown or symbol yourself :3 Governments.json
  9. Virus Scan please, am not trusting this
  10. Import it into a Google drive link with a virus scan Extract the file(s) using --- Editor or extractor
  11. Those are not flags, they are overlays i think so.
  12. Leeb


    USA : John F. Kennedy Soviet union : Stalin (till 1953) France: De Gaulle China : Mao Zedong Japan : Hirohito Turkey : Ataturk (nobody show on Google apart ataturk) United Kingdom: Churchill (till 1955 I think) Here the ones I know 🙂
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