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  1. My PC is dying dude its a windows 7
  2. Leeb

    Hoi4 Flags Textures

    Here are the textures, if you want to use them just credit me, my polish friend and paradox. The textures are transparent tho
  3. Leeb

    we need flag mod

    I can Try Making a mod With the HOI4 Flags. Before Continuating the 11:59 mod
  4. Great, starting next month. Due to school exams
  5. Leeb

    Colored leaders UwU

    If you have Request, just tell me on Discord : Leeb#1918
  6. Leeb

    Colored leaders UwU

    Sure, Just Credit me : )
  7. I will try, its kinda hard converting the files to Android
  8. Hello, has you know, the 11:59 is finished. The owner "Vis" has confirmed that. So starting from Today, i will continue it but I AM NOT TAKING THE OWNERSHIP. The attachments included are the Proofs. For now, I don't have any ideas for potential scenarios, please give me ideas or suggestions i MIGHT take it. Its not a certitude.
  9. Leeb

    Colored leaders UwU

    Free colored Leaders UwU. Ask me for requests in the Comments
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