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  1. Where Have I Been?


    so I have created 0.4 of the mod but it was almost finished. Sadly, other people copied my ideas mistakenly thinking I copied theirs. Actually, that is over now but a year has passed and I need to post a update. Anyways, my game crashed and I didn't want to reset everything I had. If I remember, I tried to fix it but ended up ruining and deleting EVERYTHING aka 50+ hours worth of hard work. So... It was really bad and I decided to play HOI4 again (I got addicted to AOC2 so I stopped playing HOI4). Sorry I couldn't update or add anything new and I added so many new features I was so sad it was all gone. Now I  really want to come back to AOC2 but what is the point really? I am far behind everyone else's mods and scenarios to the point where modding again is near to almost impossible unless I think up something creative like "Future World" Maybe I could do that? Tell me in the comments 🙂 Give me some time to remember how to play and do things for a bit.

    1. Shiite


      Well I came back and restarted my mod, I would say try it, even though I didn't have all of it lost fortunately kek

  2. ... I officially declare the ending of the Modern Day + Mod. The Mod Will Be Discontinued Due to the Fact That I Have Been Busy In a Micro-National War. Sorry to All the Supporters of the Mod.
  3. Great! I would not like to argue over a mod and it is great that you are more defensive than offensive of what you just said. I believe that we should just ignore eachother. I am trying to be mature and more neutral than just cursing you out like I would usually do.
  4. Well I assume you are pretty much correct. We will both will have 2 different paths. Here is the video to prove I had the idea first Thar was kinda the first time I recorded aoc2 so I kinda misunderstood how load the music was in the video
  5. -_- ok.. I see what you have done. You know what? Ok fine. I see that you have completely ripped off my idea of divided by 50 even though my mod said for everyone to not copy it. Great, just.. great! You know, we can resolve this peacefully ok? You can probably see that actually nothing is copied from your mod. Yes, nothing. If you go into my mod and check the stuff out you can see that im trying not to copy you. I.. just.. I didnt see your mod when I made mine so I thought I was the first one until I saw yours. You said it was ok and it was free to copy but I decided not to. Id rather t
  6. I heard that song on there before
  7. Update 0.4 Plans: - A BUNCH OF MORE EVENTNNNSSSSS (probably 25) - Another faction - army sizes - and more surprizessss 😉
  8. 0.3 come friday! 🙂
  9. Please send a screenshot.
  10. New Update! Im going to add ISIS and Somali land and some events and economy and army sizes.. way too much should be done by 1/19/19
  11. Update 0.3 - African Union Events - Some More Events - 50 More Economy Sizes - 20 More Army Sizes - and MoRe (Big Update) 🙂
  12. I didnt mean to copy your mod, I made this before I found your mod. sorry
  13. Im thinking of adding events in which the player can control if they want a action to happen by placing a farm on a certain province in order for whatever the player wanted to happen Example: i. n 2021 there is a event in which the usa can invite finland into nato or not (inwhich if you place a farm on New York and then finland joins nato) Like my concept?
  14. I am very sorry for copying your mod. A month ago around before they added napolionic era I created a mod just like yours but it got deleted on a update and 2 days ago I figured out I could create that mod again by copying the files of modernday into modernday2 and thats how I made modern day + mod I didnt see this mod when I made it ooopsss Check out my channel for video evidence: Evidential
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