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  1. Łukasz Make Updates! For the game is becoming boring, already half the community wants a normal update to the example of a change of ruler, as the game will become even better there will be more mods! and Rulers, for Rulers are almost never used in Modding because of their Uselessness, Łukasz please Read This At least Add this Idea because nobody is interested in Updating with one Modified File from Coronavirus

  2. Ор) Мне Кажется Норм Мод
  3. Haha! What are the borders? and yes! Are you seriously? could not port normally? I even Easy Porting the Mod, I am surprised by the Defenders of the Fashion Who Like It Okay, there is an Incomprehensible Mod with Wrongly Bordered Borders, one of the examples and im not From Russia!
  4. I wonder .. how to play This Misunderstanding? the name --- was Stolen, I Noticed the fact that the Turks are able to do Second-Class Fashion, you didn’t even try one of the Examples of Cyprus, though ... Why I Write Above, Advocates of This Misunderstanding Well Next Play it, I won’t even send it to Anyone, You'll Know Itself LaterOmg, You is Steal Name a ---
  5. Respect!) Russia Community Number One, Turkish Community P00P
  6. If you are going to make a huge map, then yes it is meritorious, but redo the curves of the posting let's say in Cyprus
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