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Age of Civilizations


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  1. Imagine if you can import and export with other civilizations. The resources you can trade will be: crops, which you can get by having a farm, fish, with ports, wood in forest and jungle provinces, coal, copper, oil and iron in provinces that have these resources in real life. (You can only trade coal, copper, oil and iron in the age of industrialization and after. You can close and open trade with civilizations whenever you like, but it will impact your civilization. You can see your own and other civilizations imports and exports too. When you reach the amount of how much resources you need (it depends on your civilizations population, economy, development level etc.) You will get a good amount of income, plus some other bonuses, fish and crops increase your civilizations average growth and coal, oil, iron and copper increase economy and development level. When you have more than the amount you need of a resource, you should trade with a civilization, to get the resources which you do not have. Civilizations with negative relations can block trade with you, and in a war, naval blockades can happen.
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