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  1. ok thank you for suggestions! ๐Ÿ˜„
  2. Ljayxy

    1527 scenario

    wystarczy, ลผe zamiast wejdziesz w folder Earth to wejdz w Earth+ potem scenarios i tam wklejasz nie ma za co xD ps: wm ze jestes polakiem xD
  3. Hello everyone! i do scenario " Civil war in Belarus" all is write in folder "READ ME" (yeah this is my english) screenshot: scenario: Civil war in Belarus.zip What scenario, I do next? write in the comment! 14.09.2020
  4. but why, when I asked where is the script, because it does not look like a scenario but an advertisement
  5. PL Ale chodzi ze wojewรณdztwa? czy w zwyczajnym swiecie potrzebuje wiฤ™cej informacji


    EN:ย But is it from the province? whether in the ordinary world it needs more information

  6. (English) make a scenario of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

    (Polski) Zrรณb scenariusz Rzeczypospolitej Obojga narodรณw

  7. Hi! I do the scenario, but you decide what happens! [Modern World]
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