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  1. Ljayxy

    Europe Map Editor

    Could someone give me the europe map? Because I deleted it and I really like playing it. Pls :C
  2. Hello! This is scenario 3 World war.zip
  3. Ljayxy

    Help please!

    it's probably because of some scenario you have to delete it
  4. A więc nie wiem jak zmienić populacje itp w edytorze.
  5. When can i download it?
  6. Lol man, Poland is Alied power. Only after Hitler took over it was on Axis
  7. Ja już zrobiłem ten scenariusz XD I do first this scenario 😂
  8. Hello! This scenario shows Russian empire in time 2 war world! Scenario: worldwar2 Russia.zip
  9. Hello everyone! i do scenario future world in 2070 years! Scenario: OPEN.zip
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