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  1. On 7/17/2020 at 8:56 AM, St.Chmnd said:

    “And so it was the the Dawn of an Era, where as some nations may find there place in the sun, others would simply fall into darkness”

    Scenarios and Mods involving the famous 1830~ start date are pretty common, but even so, I wanted to try my hand at it. Being sincere, I’m posting this W.I.P since I’ve already lost all my progress once, and recently half of it too, so for it to not be another dead project, I wanted to at least show it, and search for some help on the forum.

    Anyway, getting back on track, one of the objectives of this so called mod was to “cover” the number of uncolonized/neutral provinces that appeared on most Victorian Age scenarios, and so with this, one could prevent the “Implausable colonizers”, (such as having early Qing colonies on the coast of Africa, or vice-versa, provinces that should be colonized being barren of any owner until really late on the game, such as provinces on the middle of North America), but most importantly, to give the possibility to the player to play as obscure but historical states or people’s which weren’t represented already on the game, this counts specially for regions such as Southern Africa, the Patagonian region, the Caucasus, Indonesia, Central Asia, etc.  

    So with this in mind, the player has more options on how to play the game, changing a little bit the structure for colonization, etc.



    *Keep in mind, a lot of things are subject to change*

    Miscellaneous Pics: 












    Implemented Features:

    • -New flags for various nations
    • -270+ New Nations (and counting!)
    • -Alternative flags and name for different ideologies of a nation (Example: "Tigray" being "Lordship of Tigray" as a monarchy or the "Tigray People's Democratic Republic" with the socialist ideology).
    • More and revamped formable nations.

    Planned Features: 

    • More nations (since there's still incomplete parts of the world such as India or Central Africa).
    • A new type of ideology: "traditional state", specially designed for states which aren't tribal, but still have a chiefdom type of organization.
    • Changes on the name of some things: "Vassal state" to "Satellite State", etc.
    • Change the name of "Diseases", to represent "Situations", depending on the year. (Ex: "minor nationalist uprising" starting on 1844 or  "medium labour strike", etc).
    • More Scenarios [ *Just ideas, probably not all of them* ]: "The revolutions of 1848", "The Crimean War(1853)", "1857", "1860", "Winds of Unification: 1865", " La Belle Époque (1871)", "1879", "The Great Scramble(1884)", "Sino-Japanese war: 1894", "1900", "Administrative divisions of 1900", "Moroccan Crisis: 1905". [There could be scenerios up to 1939, but with this ideas is probably more than enough for now].
    • New UI.
    • More provinces and , wishfully, a new map background.
    • Events (not for all scenarios though).

    Thanks for reading all of this.

    PD: If anyone wants to help with this project, contact me through this account.

    Where can I Download it?

  2. On 9/13/2020 at 3:57 PM, Damianeq mappings said:

    could we also give a version on Addon + ???

    wystarczy, że zamiast wejdziesz w folder Earth to wejdz w Earth+  potem scenarios i tam wklejasz nie ma za co xD


    ps: wm ze jestes polakiem xD

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