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  1. Hi! I do the scenario, but you decide what happens! [Modern World]
  2. Hello everyone! I do new scenario, Germany does not border with France but with Poland! civilizations_editor: civilizations_editor.zip Scenario: German_reich_in_1600.zip Comment who next what era it motivates me! Sorry for my weak english! in game is german reich in modern world 😕 i'm sorry
  3. Ljayxy


    Hello everyone, how to change economy in editor map? Please help
  4. 😄 thank i edit this
  5. Hello! This is Soviet Union in Modern world Idea: @Atheidon8❤️ Screenshots: Map: Vasals: Vasal: North Korea Soviet_Union_in_modernworld.rar
  6. WoW Very Thank you! 😄
  7. Ljayxy

    World War 3

    nice 🙂
  8. Hello! This is my 3 scenario Scenario: Holy_Roman_empire_in_modern_world.rar Write who next! 🙂
  9. pisz po angielsku bo tutaj nie sa tylko polacy 😉
  10. Hello! This is my 2 scenario Who next? 🙂 Scenario: Austian_Empire_in_modern_world.rar Write who next! 🙂
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