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    Ljayxy reacted to Chairman Baad in War Of AOCII Community I Scenario "December 1"   
    Scenario dead. This scenario is DEEEEEEEAD.
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    Ljayxy reacted to Anglo-Dutch in Alternate WW2 - Axis Victory ( Scenario 2 ) - Communist Mapper   
    i dont mean to be rude but these videos dont have anything to do with aoc2, it really looks like you are just using this site to get potential likes
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    Ljayxy reacted to St.Chmnd in At the Dawn of an Era: A Victorian Era "Mod" | W.I.P   
    “And so it was the the Dawn of an Era, where as some nations may find there place in the sun, others would simply fall into darkness”
    Scenarios and Mods involving the famous 1830~ start date are pretty common, but even so, I wanted to try my hand at it. Being sincere, I’m posting this W.I.P since I’ve already lost all my progress once, and recently half of it too, so for it to not be another dead project, I wanted to at least show it, and search for some help on the forum.
    Anyway, getting back on track, one of the objectives of this so called mod was to “cover” the number of uncolonized/neutral provinces that appeared on most Victorian Age scenarios, and so with this, one could prevent the “Implausable colonizers”, (such as having early Qing colonies on the coast of Africa, or vice-versa, provinces that should be colonized being barren of any owner until really late on the game, such as provinces on the middle of North America), but most importantly, to give the possibility to the player to play as obscure but historical states or people’s which weren’t represented already on the game, this counts specially for regions such as Southern Africa, the Patagonian region, the Caucasus, Indonesia, Central Asia, etc.  
    So with this in mind, the player has more options on how to play the game, changing a little bit the structure for colonization, etc.

    *Keep in mind, a lot of things are subject to change*
    Miscellaneous Pics: 

    Implemented Features:
    -New flags for various nations -270+ New Nations (and counting!) -Alternative flags and name for different ideologies of a nation (Example: "Tigray" being "Lordship of Tigray" as a monarchy or the "Tigray People's Democratic Republic" with the socialist ideology). More and revamped formable nations. Planned Features: 
    More nations (since there's still incomplete parts of the world such as India or Central Africa). A new type of ideology: "traditional state", specially designed for states which aren't tribal, but still have a chiefdom type of organization. Changes on the name of some things: "Vassal state" to "Satellite State", etc. Change the name of "Diseases", to represent "Situations", depending on the year. (Ex: "minor nationalist uprising" starting on 1844 or  "medium labour strike", etc). More Scenarios [ *Just ideas, probably not all of them* ]: "The revolutions of 1848", "The Crimean War(1853)", "1857", "1860", "Winds of Unification: 1865", " La Belle Époque (1871)", "1879", "The Great Scramble(1884)", "Sino-Japanese war: 1894", "1900", "Administrative divisions of 1900", "Moroccan Crisis: 1905". [There could be scenerios up to 1939, but with this ideas is probably more than enough for now]. New UI. More provinces and , wishfully, a new map background. Events (not for all scenarios though). Thanks for reading all of this.
    PD: If anyone wants to help with this project, contact me through this account.
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    Ljayxy reacted to Cubus in Commonwealth on Modern Day scenario   
    Hello guys!
    This scenario adds Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to Modern Day scenario!
    Creator: Cubus Time: 6.11.2020 10:50
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    Ljayxy reacted to redfire in Modern World but YOU decide what happens   
    Poland create Polish-Hungarian Empire and take Belarus, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Baltics countries, half Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, 
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    Ljayxy reacted to WorldStadiums in Scenario of the First Balkan War   
    Hi everyone! I am working on a scenario of the first Balkan war with events on the map of Europe, there is still no download link since I have not finished it yet, here are some images of what I have

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    Ljayxy reacted to zielonek in Expanded Scenarios + better ideologies (ENG)   
    Hi. I'd like to show you my modification, I hope you like it. Modification includes New scenarios and ideologies
    New Scenarios : 
    Thirty Years' War
    War of the League of Cambrai
    War of Spanish Succession
    Seven Years War 
    Napoleonic Wars :
    1815 XIX century : 
    risorgimento Crimean War Second French intervention in mexico  Second Schleswig War Austro-Prussian War Franco-Prussian War First world war : 
    1910 1914 1917 1919 (Treaty of Versailles) Second world war : 
    1939 1940 1941 1943 1944 1945 1947 (New World)   
    EXPANDED - ENG.rar
    Original Post ( polish version ) : 
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    Ljayxy reacted to Simon Wilford in At the Dawn of an Era: A Victorian Era "Mod" | W.I.P   
    This scenario looks very good, finally Africa has some details 😃
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    Ljayxy reacted to GpobreXD in 1867 UPDATED 1867 ATUALIZADO   
    Hey guys this may be the last version of my scenario, it is already quite complete
    In this update:
    -I fixed border errors
    -I put more events
    -And I added some leaders of the time for example: Dom Pedro II, Luis Napoleão III and Andrew Johnson
    Eae galera antes de tudo quem quiser pode entrar na nossa COMUNIDADE do DISCORD:https://discord.gg/fMefUyg la vc pode postar seus mods, mapas e cenários, o server ta crescendo ajude a crescer mais Valeu. 
     Essa PODE SER a ultima versão do meu Cenario, ele ja esta bem completo 
    Nessa atualização eu arrumei:
    -Erros de fronteiras 
    -Coloquei mais eventos 
    -E adicionei os alguns lideres da época por exemplo: Dom Pedro II, Luis Napoleão III e o Andrew Johnson 


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    Ljayxy reacted to Satniel in Cześć poszukuje mapy   
    nie jestem anglojęzyczny xD ale wiesz o co kaman :D 
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    Ljayxy got a reaction from Satniel in Cześć poszukuje mapy   
    Lepszego tlumacza sie nie dalo XD
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    Ljayxy reacted to My Wolf in Age Of Civillatizons 2 İçin Discord Grubu   
    TR: Bu Discord Grubunda Hem Senaryo Hızlandırılıyor Hemde Bu Discord Yazıcı Eğer Warband Cs go Gibi Oyunlar Oynuyorsanız İçinde Yer Aç Gelmek İsteyenler İçin https://discord.gg/58cfE58 Eğer Yaş Of Civillatizons 2 De Senaryo Yapmadığımız Yorum Yaptığımız Senaryoları Ya Da Oynamak Destek İçin Girenler Rütbesine Girersiniz Seviyeye Göre Oto Rol Verilmektedir Şikayet Ve Öneri Bölümü De Bulunmaktadır O Yerler Bizim İçin Çok Önemlidir. 
    ENG: In This Discord Group Both The Scenario Is Accelerated And This Discord Writer If You Are Playing Games Like Warband Cs Go, For Those Who Want To Come Into Open Space https://discord.gg/58cfE58 If Age Of Civillatizons 2 We Did Not Script In The Scripts We Comment Or Play It To The Rank Of Those Who Entered For Support. You Enter Auto Role According To The Level There Is A Complaint And Suggestion Department. Those Places Are Very Important To Us.
    1-) Rol istemek yasaktır

    2-) +18 fotoğraf yasaktır!

    3) Dövüşe başlamak yasaktır
    4) Küfür yasaktır (içermez)

    5) Spam, flood yasaktır (Belli odalar hariç)

    6) Sesli sohbette birilerini rahatsız etmek yasaktır

    7 -) "Canlı Müzik" bölümünde bot kullanmak yasaktır

    8-) Din, dil, ırk ayrımcılığı kesinlikle yasaktır!

    9-) Önerilerinizi yazabilirsiniz öneriler adında olan grubumuzda

    10-) Her türlü reklam yasaktır. (Özel reklam varsa lütfen bizi özel olarak bilgilendirin)
    1-)Asking for a role is strictly prohibited
    2-)18 photos are prohibited!
    3)Fighting is forbidden to start
    4)Profanity is prohibited (in the front room except)
    5)Spam, Flood is forbidden
    6)It is forbidden to disturb anyone in voice chat
    7 -)"Live Music" section is forbidden boots
    8-)Religion, language, race discrimination is strictly prohibited!
    9-)You can write your suggestions 「: cocktail:」 suggestion-complaint room. 1
    10-)All kinds of advertisement are prohibited. (Please inform us privately if there is private posting)
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    Ljayxy reacted to Tyson(Bangladesh) in 2060 New age   
    I created New Map about future
    Russian Federation Become Eurasian Federation
    China Collapse but China Still Communism
    NATO Collapse 
    Bulgaria Become Communism
    West Balkan Divided Many Countries
    Turkey is More Bigger
    Kurdistan Can't Independence
    Israel Become Greater Israel
    Egypt is More Bigger
    Indonesia and Malaysia United 
    Pacific Countries United with Australia
    India and Pakistan Border Changed
    Germany, Poland, France, Hungary, Austria, Czechia, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Andora Become European Union
    Sorry for bad English
    This Scenario For Addon+ Player
    and Please Download Goverment JSON
    Please Download UI
    and Please Download Civilization Bunddle 
    Sorry for no Events
    I Hope You Enjoy
    and Comment please
    Scenario 2060 New Age.rar
    Goverment JSON Governments.json
    Bunddle Bundle.properties
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    Ljayxy reacted to St.Chmnd in At the Dawn of an Era: A Victorian Era "Mod" | W.I.P   
    The Region of Odisha and It's Princely States: 
    The region of Odisha, or at the times of the start date of this scenario, Orissa, was composed of a recollection of different princely states which operated under a sort of "semi-independent rule" under the suzeranity of the British East India Company, and subsequent British Raj. The Region itself has a unique identity (but to be fair, most regions of the indian subcontinent have a very unique culture, if they are compared with each other), but that culture is slowly deteriorating after the different external rules the area has passed through (Bengal, Mughal and Maratha), summed up with the British policy of "divide and rule".
    This is a small update, but technically important, since the Orissa Tributary States didn't join the Indian Rebellion of 1857, so most of them continued their rule until 1946.

    *The flags seen in the cores, are the 'Generic/Standard' flags, the "Monarchy" flags of the releasable nations should be seen below*
    Patna - Talcher - Pal Lahara - Baudh - Sonepur - Keonjhar - Kharsawan - Seraikella
    Added 4 Starting Nations: Kalahandi, Bamra, Dhenkanal and Mayurbhanj Added 8 New Releasable Nations: Patna, Boudh, Sonepur, Pal Lahara, Keonjhar, Kharsawan and Seraikella. All added nations have a british "Red Ensign" flag (either for monarchist or conservatism governments. Some have two distinct Red Ensigns, using either the state or prince's emblems).           Example: 
      Seraikella's Red Ensign (Monarchism)
          Seraikella's Red Ensign (conservatism)  
    Eventually, I should prepare "Orissa" itself as a formable nation, but i'm not sure if I should just transfer the flags from "Victoria 2" for it.  
    Well, this update took a long time, since I'm really occupied with University work, and all things related. 
    Princely States are other one of those really hard topics, especially considering their borders, the game's map borders, etc.
    I also wanted to say that I'm currently using this map to guide mysfelf through the process of it. (the map is in Spanish, but It shouldn't be too difficult to understand for someone who doesn't speak the language). I never really mentioned my sources, but other than wikipedia, for this one they would be worldstatesmen.org, indianrajputs.com, rbvex.it (for quality renditions of some of the flags), among others I can't really remember right now.

    In regards of a release date, as I previously stated, a Beta should be ready before the end of 2020, and the final product either before the end of 2020 or at maximum mid February.
    I should also thank @Commieslav , for answering one of the previous replies for me.
    Gracias por la respuesta, y espero que te haya aparecido correcta mi modificación sobre las civilizaciones existentes en la misma durante el periodo de tiempo que intento mostrar en el escenario. [If anyone who doesn't speak spanish wants to know my reply: "Thank's for your reply, I hope that my modification of the existing civilizations in the area (Patagonia) during the time that I'm trying to represent in this scenario seemed correct to you].
    Anyway, I thank all the people who are still taking attention at this slow project, that I hope one day will finally see the light. On a side note, I really need to learn how to modify provinces, to correctly represent some regions, but the day that happens, this scenario should be finished first, and then the project itself should start as a new thread into the mod category.
    As I said before, I thank all of those who are reading for their attention, and I hope to post somewhat into the future, with a brand new update of this scenario (hopefully, after finishing the rest of the indian subcontinent). And if you want, you can ask me anything in the comments of this topic.
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    Ljayxy reacted to Commieslav in At the Dawn of an Era: A Victorian Era "Mod" | W.I.P   
    It isn`t out yet.
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    Ljayxy reacted to Bernardo_01 in Kekreich day #1   
    I would add SHREKOSLOVAKIA
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    Ljayxy reacted to JR Rachidovsky in HOC2 (Hearts of Civilizations 2)   
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    Ljayxy reacted to ElFrrazaditas1Uwu in HOC2 (Hearts of Civilizations 2)   
    Hello how are you? I'm Very Good, so I've been working on a project called "Hearts Of Civilizations 2" That According to the Name Will Be A Mix Between Age Of Civilizations And Hearts Of Irons Until Now I'm Making Decisions For Civilizations.
    >How to 1° Way:Concentrate on The People (Social Way) but the army starts to waste and the economy is going up quite slow, 2° Way: Concentrate on the Army, the road (all die !!!!!!!!) but the town is getting more and more unhappy and unstable and the economy goes down or? 3° Way: The Economic Way that would be that you earn money but the people and the army begin to have instability by not concentrating on them more and more. 
    >You Can Also Form Empires: Empire that You Can Form: 4 Reich (Germany), The Union of the Balkans (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), The Empire of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, South America in General, Union Iberica, and Many More
    > For Now The Map Are In A Alpha Version in A 1.0 The Archive Is Not Avalible Now Srry :7
    >Image Of The 1° Event Or Decision You Need to Take In The Scenario

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    Ljayxy reacted to matieus27 in Big map of Poland [Made in Poland]   
    Well... I am working 

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    Ljayxy reacted to Sevbano in The Rising War   
    There is a image of scenario

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    Ljayxy reacted to Klaus in 2099   
    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, states declared independence. New states like Liberland are added. War breaks out in Ethiopia and the peoples declare independence. The Central African Republic has risen to democratic status and has a water connection. Countries without recognition are no longer on the map. Lesotho and Equatorial Guinea. The monarchy is introduced in Germany.

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    Ljayxy reacted to GyLala in Pangea (World War 2)   
    Download Scenario : https://mega.nz/#!Z0kijYiS!12Bz5rSekbnrkWKKAzGv5sFWodfULIs5NNDVobfnlZI
    Thanks by : Emery Thrash
    You need map download this
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    Ljayxy reacted to SovietPuns in Cursed World War 2   
    Cursed World War 2
    I Made a World War 2 Scenario, its Cursed.
    Everyone who Joined the Axis(In Europe)(+ Nationalist Spain) swapped Land with Dominions(Raj, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia and East Indies)
    Everyone who Joined the Allies(In Europe) swapped Land with the Chinese Warlords
    The Rest In Europe swapped land with Random Nations
    The only European Nations that didn't swap with any one was The Soviet Union and Turkey
    Everything Else is the Same(Including the Alliances) 
    Expect Cursed Modern Day

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