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    Ljayxy reacted to Misiek in Ultra Alternative History   
    Download Link

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    Ljayxy reacted to SovietPuns in World War 2 Except its Different Nations   
    The Title Might Be Confusing let me Explain.
    What if Prussia Never Ruled Germany, But Bavaria did?
    What if England Never Formed The UK, But Scotland did?
    What if France Never Unified, But Brittany did?
    there is more! let me tell you the Nations
    _____ Formed ______ instead of ______ - Scotland, Bavaria, Venice, Aragon, Danzig, Bohemia, Salzburg
    _____ Conquered _______ instead of ______ - Korea, Tyrone, CSA, Sparta
    _____ Never Got Conquered - Aztec Empire, Sikh Empire, Malacca, Majapahit, Maori
    Other - Ming/Communist Ming, Russian Empire, Holland, Ottoman Empire, Albania, Portugal, Mongol Empire, Hungary, Wallachia, Macedon, Mughal Empire, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Riga, Livonian Order, Persian Empire
    Also... its the same borders as WW2, and alliances/vassals.
    Have Fun Controlling Majapahit as Holland

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    Ljayxy reacted to MatijaVojnic in Mein Kaiserreich (WW1 Alternative Ending)   
    What if German Empire was on Allied side...?
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    Ljayxy reacted to Atilos in Europe in 2500   
    scenario called Europe in 2500.It's normal if the is not greate because it's the fisrt one I do.And tell me what I can improve The scénario: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1RtOr8Z3CsnKdAS8gyPUhB33vYSjOMyir  
    Hi I created          

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    Ljayxy reacted to yaboikevin in Super Czechoslovakia   
    the best form of Czechoslovakia
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    Ljayxy reacted to Infinitie in After Empire(Discontinued)   
    Download:After Empire-20181230T171723Z-001.zip
    Eh i thought it would be better if i had a much more familliar scenario so im cancelling this and working on Apres Moi Le Deluge!
    After Empire-20181230T171723Z-001.zip
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    Ljayxy reacted to Sr. _Mario_Vargas in Escenarios por Continente.   
    Les traigo hor, una serie de escenario, que son sobre cada continente y algunos entremezclados. 
    Son un total de 15 escenarios. América - África - Europa - Asia y Oceanía
    Ademas de mezclas como, America - Africa. Europa América. Y asi. Espero que les gusten. 

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    Ljayxy reacted to Simoneq in pomoc przy wydarzeniach   
    Mogę ci napisać kilka wydarzeń  
    1.  17. lipca 1936 - Hiszpańska Wojna domowa
    2. 12.Marca 1938-Przyłączenie (Anschluss) Austrii
    3. 30 Listopada 1939- Wojna Zimowa
    4. 10 Maja 1940 - Kampania Francuska 
    ps: Jeszcze są rozbiory Czechosłowacji ale nie pamiętam kiedy to było więc na wikipedii zobacz 😄
    1. 1 Września 1939- kampania Wrześniowa
    Jeszcze mam pytanie, Jak robić Eventy?
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    Ljayxy reacted to w00dpecker in *What if France started the 𝐖𝐖𝟐?   
    How is the project going?
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    Ljayxy reacted to Trevex in Zepsute wczytywanie gry oraz save'y.   
    Witam. Posiadam problem z save'ami i generalnie z wczytywaniem gier. Wcześniej po wczytaniu gry wywalało mnie do menu i po drugiej próbie nie dało się nic zrobić. Teraz kiedy zapisze grę i potem mam ochotę znowu zagrać, to wczytuje grę, a tam zamiast mojego zapisu jest jakaś nowa gra z 1440 rokiem. Za każdym razem się to powtarza.
    Pozdrawiam i proszę o pomoc.
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    Ljayxy reacted to Poland_in_1939 in What if the Ottoman Empire won WW1?   
    Africa is independent?
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    Ljayxy reacted to GermanicGaming in Global Campaign   
    This is a project that I am working on to include EVERY SINGLE event from 1900-2000
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    Ljayxy reacted to Wersjon in 1949 Cold war mod   
    I WAS working on 1953

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    Ljayxy reacted to dragooll in Economy   
    You can increase economy with tech or events. It isn't that hard lol
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    Ljayxy reacted to Cayo in Economy   
    A nation's initial economy level is closely linked or its level and initial development. In other words, it is only necessary to increase the country's development in the last stage of the scenario editor.
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    Ljayxy reacted to What is BSSR in Economy   
    scenario editör .d
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    Ljayxy reacted to memososisi in Greater Mod Pack (+200 Scenario, +8 Maps, 15+ Ideologies) (Addin+ v7)   
    Addin+ is a global modification that adds interest to the game process (last version 7.0).
    Download (Android) without Permissions:
    Installation: Download the document from the link above. Run the downloaded mod file, it will be opened. You don't need to delete your old original AoC2 or your other modded AoC2.

    Main innovations of update 7.0
    ‣ Just 110 MB
    ‣ New +200 scenarios: 1910, 1914, 1918, 1930, 1933, 1936, 1939, 1941, 1943, 1944, Late 1944, 1945, 1949, 1961, 1988, 1991, Red World, Another World, Kaiserreich (original), Modern World (Modern world without diplomacy and precise geopolitical situation)...
    * No Music
    * New some ideologies/governments. 
    * New some formed States. 
    * New +5 Maps: Turkey, Fortnite, Middle East...
    * Changed some color palettes, these include Modern World, Modern Day, The New Order, Kaiserreich. 
    * Just two languages: Turkish & English
    * Cut and rebalanced some ideologies. 
    * For further development and optimization removed all leaders. 
    * New font.
    * In some scenarios, it can often change the ideology.
    Reviews of the mod:
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    Ljayxy reacted to Mikhailthecossackserb in Greater Mod Pack (+200 Scenario, +8 Maps, 15+ Ideologies) (Addin+ v7)   
    It can not download i need permission 
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    Ljayxy got a reaction from orcacraft888 in Civil War in Belarus   
    ok thank you for suggestions! 😄 
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    Ljayxy reacted to GasholeTheGreat in Alternate end of world war 2   

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    Ljayxy reacted to GyLala in Earth Without Water (No Water)   
    Download : https://mega.nz/#!NgUjAa7C!V1COZeWa1leK63_RzkAYV6IG_XNKBrtwin9fy4tAxq8
    (I Can't upload max 14.65MB)
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    Ljayxy reacted to orcacraft888 in Civil War in Belarus   
    you can do an alternative civil war on the soviet union with independentists, capitalists, the goverment, fascist and tsarist (sorry for my english)
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    Ljayxy reacted to Deventeex in Avatar Aang MOD   
    Hi guys . I was practicing to make maps and decided to make Avatar Map. While making it I realise that the Avatar world is worked out by developers and that based at information from cartoon somebody can make very good mod with good scenarios and map. My map has about 400 provinces but if community will like my idea , I can make some Really good Mod  with bigger map.

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    Ljayxy reacted to Hrum in -3000, -1600, -650, -400, -200, 1, 100, 200, 300, 1600, 1812   
    Historically accurate maps of the world in different years. So far, only the ones listed above are ready.
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