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  1. WalazaPL

    Monaco (WIP)

    Monaco Map Hello I am here to present my map monaco. As you can see in the title, the map is in wip (work in progress) the link could go out in a few days or week. The Post will be updated if the number of provinces changes ... Actually I have done more than 25 or 26 short if you want to have it just be patient 🙂monaco.xcf {--------- Screenshot INFO! Map Editor Monaco.rarI don't want continue this map...but if you know how to make maps you can download and finish it so...well i mean you do what you want it's just not want to finish it
  2. 1800 Finished ! Bez nazwy.xcf Planned Scenarios : -1800 finished -1810 not finished -1850 not finished -1900 not finished
  3. Scenario For Europe Map How Get The Europe Map? You must have the game on steam. Ok But What Scenarios ? -1600 -1700 -Cold War Warning ! The link will be available soon because I will start the thing soon and it will come out in 2-3 days if I am not a lazy ... (sorry for my english beacause im polish and i used google translation 😞) UPDATE! I Finished The Scenarios So Here's The Link Age Of Civilizations II.rar
  4. WalazaPL

    Polish Addon

    Thanks 😃 how i said im gonna make french or german😉
  5. WalazaPL

    Polish Addon

    POLISH ADDON What This Addon Includes ? This addon includes some scenario and some polish leaders... SCENARIO -Polish-Soviet war -Forming The Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth -Invasion Of Poland (with some events) LEADERS -Zygmunt III Waza 1586-1632 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth -Wladyslaw IV Waza 1632-1648 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth -August II The Strong 1696-1704 - Polish Lithuanian Commenwealth -Ignacy Moscicki 1926-1939 - Poland/Republic Of Poland -Aleksander Zawadzki 1952-1964 Polish People's Republic(Communist in Pola
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