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  1. Swiss mapper

    What is happening to trade zones ?

  2. Swiss mapper


    B = Vassal Of A
  3. Swiss mapper

    Wtf ?

    maybe he joined army ?
  4. Hello new new new newest member !

  5. Swiss mapper

    World War 2 remastered

  6. Swiss mapper

    Modern world but dumber

    switzerland alive
  7. hi new new newest member

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    2. Swiss mapper
    3. Swiss mapper

      Swiss mapper

      atleast rep system is nothing but likes 

    4. Cristiano Gaben

      Cristiano Gaben

      future you are friend of yourself lol

  8. hi new newest member !

  9. Swiss mapper

    All Hail B

  10. Swiss mapper

    Has anyone ever been decided as to even look more like?

    still broken
  11. Swiss mapper

    Improve Peace Deals

    create vassals maybe in game but not in peace deals
  12. Swiss mapper

    Early Middle Ages 769 A.D

    best scenario if they have all world
  13. Swiss mapper

    Modern world but dumber

    switzerland alive in dumber one to
  14. Swiss mapper

    1949 Cold war mod

    nice mod