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  1. So I simply wanted to tell all of you that this Project has ended for now, since Suzema is continuing Age of Elder Scrolls and there will apparently be the other Continents which was the entire point of Age of Nirn so there's no reason for me to continue... and I didn't work on it for 3 weeks. But I will continue this project when I feel like wanting to continue. I wish all of you a good day!
  2. yes but I focus on Nirn while that other guy removed his Nirn map so my mod is more like an addon for Age of Elder Scrolls... but my map will be much bigger.
  3. so just wanted everyone who's interested to know that there's a new map I'm using a new map... the map is about 10 times bigger than the old one but this will also mean that the 1600 Provinces are gone so the release of the Mod will be delayed for about 2 months (and this map does include Lyr) New Map:
  4. Yeah I'm planing to have between 5000 - 7000 Provinces
  5. Zar Hibbedat

    Age of Nirn

    This Mod will include a Map of Nirn, many Civilizations, Scenarios, New Icons "Regions" that will be included are Tamriel, the sunken Continent of Yokuda, Thras, Aldmeris, Atmora, Roscrea, Esroniet, Ynslea, Cathnoquey, Pyandonea and of course Akavir The Continent of Lyr will not be included Civilizations that will be included are The Empire of Tamriel/ Empire of Cyrodiil, The Aldmeri Dominion, Argonia/ Blackmarsh, Morrowind, Skyrim etc. Scenarios that will be included are The Great War (Aldmeri Dominion vs Empire Of Tamriel), Oblivion Crisis, Stormcloak Rebellion, The Argon
  6. Everyone knows that this game needs an Update, even if it's just some (much needed) Bug fixes or things like renaming Alliances, dismantling Factions after wars, new (and better) Music, an option for mass murder in conquered Provinces, an option to make war Prisoners (in surrounded Provinces), natural Enemies (Germany vs Polen for example), Civil Wars/Revolutions, Events for some Scenarios ( like the establishment of NATO in a Cold War Scenario, which you should bring out) or just a Workshop (so other people can do YOUR Job)... think about actually trying to make the game better, Jakowski
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