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  1. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ztaev13o68l3uht/ColdWarv2.zip/file A preview. I previously posted this scenario but it was sloppily made so i've improved it a lot. this is like if the soviet union won the cold war, and in that universe you ask: "what if the usa never collapsed" and this is the result. now includes territorial disputes for Germany, the Koreas, the Dakotas, the Carolinas, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, and more. added cores for all soviet republics including siberia and tannu tuva added cores for all US states including Great Lakes Republic, New England, etc. added cores for all former yugoslav territories. cores for Namibia, South Sudan, Bermuda, Monaco, Andorra, San Marino (italy), NewFoundLand, Brunswick (new brunswick sorry). Warsaw pact is replaced with the Comintern and now includes china. NATO doesn't include USA by default due to the nuclear war, you can change this if you want. Republic of China now claims all the proper territory it does in real life. Tip: if you don't like the nuclear war feature go to the events and change the starting date to a very high number like 5000 A.D. this will effectively disable it until the year 5,000 bugs: -soviet union doesn't claim tannu tuva -RoC is missing 1 province claim (manchuria) Addon+ is required sorry if you are annoyed:
  2. this is a scenario where the soviet union never collapses. The Comintern (NOT warsaw pact) and NATO both exist but the Comintern is bigger to include china and North Korea. Sino-Soviet split never occurs this is used with addon+ because there are more features and stuff. it probably wont work otherwise. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth+\scenarios here is the path if addon+ is installed. open the zip folder and the folder in there drag it into that path. not the contents of it https://www.mediafire.com/file/o6y1u0kyyx8ax6b/1594842981946nhxgfyjn.zip/file Nato AND Comintern exist now. Smaller EU "The Great War" can happen if the US and USSR ever go to war wherein every province except a few are nuked (they become neutral) Namibia is not independent India is socialist The Iron Curtain is still existing Western sahara and palestine don't exist Yugoslavia still exists Small ideology changes may not be completely accurate Small places like Malta don't exist (sorry if that bother you) Many states are communist like they used to be also 9/11 didnt happen because why not gotta give the us something positive in this world. USSR guarentees independence of all communist states. last edit i promise.
  3. i used a lot of ultimatums im sorry it just became so easy with that big army. 1991 i set an event to annex all former soviet territory to the ussr NATO declares war on Indonesia and japan and i annex japan but only help indonesia cuz theyre too far gone actually i think they decalred war on NATO though.. LOL i help yugoslavia early on but annex them later cuz they hated me i destroyed nato from the inside by starting a bunch of wars between the members using all the money i had from all that territory. and then i insult europe a bunch and annex them the end. now i dominate the world i unite with china to form the sino soviet union but china was still in the game for some reason i dont conquer the entire world sorry
  4. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z9wquq59sd7ufsn/mikupan.zip/file Make sure you also add Mikuism to your governements. { Name: "Mikuism", Extra_Tag: "日", GOV_GROUP_ID: 1, ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.8, MIN_GOODS: 0.11, MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.11, RESEARCH_COST: 0.45, INCOME_TAXATION: 1.05, INCOME_PRODUCTION: 7.50, MILITARY_UPKEEP: 0.00, ADMINISTRATION_COST: 1.05, ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1.02, ADMINISTRATION_COST_CAPITAL: 0.1, COST_OF_MOVE: 1, COST_OF_MOVE_TO_THE_SAME_PROV: 2, COST_OF_MOVE_OWN_PROV: 1, COST_OF_RECRUIT: 9, COST_OF_DISBAND: 8, COST_OF_PLUNDER: 5, DEFENSE_BONUS: 100, CAN_BECOME_CIVILIZED: -1, CIVILIZE_TECH_LEVEL: 10.0f, AVAILABLE_SINCE_AGE_ID: 0, REVOLUTIONARY: false, AI_TYPE: "COMMUNISM", R: 51, G: 241, B: 255 }, mikuism of course being on the miku side of the political compass revolves around miku herself leading the hatsunese empire. the reason administratiion is higher is because miku's songs must be played at all times and this costs a bit more to manage.
  5. i think if youre the same ideology you shouldnt need to assimilate provinces after taking them. thats just a start though
  6. some are inspired from hoi4 i was playing that. im sure these will be ignored because the game is dead though maybe can someone make a MOD? ai related stuff: countries in alliances shouldnt be able to declare war on one another. also if one leaves an alliance to declare war, it should not be able to declare war in the same turn it left the alliance in alliances are also very unstable. member states should always work toward good relations like in real life. alliances are way too limited, if there are more than 2 member states, then asking another one to join is almost always impossible. a country should send an ultimatum always before going to war. if a country has core provinces of another/yours they would demand the cores otherwise they would calculate what the best thing for them would be that is also reasonably acceptable this can be done by checking if another ai would accept it then it would send it. war related: clicking on each individual province in a war to capture it is frankly a little ridiculous. there should be something like in hoi4 where you front-line and then draw a line to take all territory until that line. seriously you should be able to specify a negative amount of vassal tribute to quench liberty desire. its unstable, also if you demand a lot of tribute but then pay it back (or more) in a trade each turn the vassal will still want liberty. this isnt needing to be fixed i just thought it was hilarious. ideology related: Support Rebels button is kind of annoying. please make it where its continuous or for a set amount of turns like Improving Relations. also there should be rebel movements for other ideologies sometimes. countries of the same ideology should be far far less likely to declare war ideologies should have "imperialism_opinion:" in which a country that is declaring a lot of wars will alter opinions differently. for example if south korea was expanding a lot, a communist nation like china would have a negative imperial opinion so relations with them would go down but a fascist nation might have positive opinions. ideologies should have "vassal_likelihood:" which would dictate how likely they are to vassalize any country they occupy. ideology "expansion_likelihood": how likely is a country to go to war over territory. ideology popularity should be a thing this could also tie into supporting rebels. an ideology maker in-game, that would be nice.. other: trading and the gift option should have 2 modes: "one time" and "continuous". continuous would run the trade/gift each turn. this could be used to insure territory for nations without the need to trade for provinces constantly or to make sure that you have good relations, or to support an ally. Travel. Higher technology = more travel. Your population would be exported to other nations and if neutral provinces are around maybe even auto-colonize them. During a war you could fund rebels if a good chunk of your population is in that country. Maybe they could repatriate back to your country or start their own rebellion giving you some of the territory.
  7. lots of the provinces are bugged. they dont "border" ones next to them. theres one in south-central canada border and two sea ones near the bering strait/alaska
  8. in the 2020 scenario some of the borders are wrong like Mongolia and North Korea
  9. *fun cheat suggestions!* there could be some kind of cheat menu, with different modes and options in the game. or someone could make a hack for the game or somethn, idk. AutoDefend - Makes your armies automatically defend your land/core provinces. AutoExpand - Select a region of provinces. You will automatically declare war on anyone who occupies them or take the land if it's neutral. NoRebels - no rebels will happen to you. AutoAssimilate - Automatically assimilate any unstable provinces NoWar - Nobody will declare war on you AutoPeace - Automatically sends peace demands upon capturing all provinces of someone you're at war with. MoreMoney - Multiplies your income by a specified amount AntiInflation - Removes the effect of inflation reducing your money. AntiDeny - Makes AI always accept proposals (unions, trades, etc.) SellCores - Makes AI trade cores AutoPlunder - Automatically plunders provinces. AutoBuy - Automatically invests, builds farms, etc. using a customizable percentage of your income AutoTurn - Automatically goes to the next turn with zero delay VassalIdeology - Forcibly set the ideology of a vassal. NoIndependence - Vassals will never declare independence no matter what. RuleTheWorld - Makes every civilization your vassal NoColonization - Makes everyone else never colonize or capture. AutoColonize - Automatically colonizes provinces. TPArmy - Your army will teleport to wherever you rightclick ArmyESP - Allows you to see your enemies' army PlayerESP - Allows you to see everyone else through fog of war AntiCapitalism - Makes everything free InstantAnimations - Gets rid of the fade animation when you take a province/etc. SpielerJugadore - Annex spain and germany (just a joke!!)
  10. updated the list i added some really cool ideas in my opinion.
  11. i hope you can find it inspirational 😁 a button for selecting all provinces in select mode (for example when assigning provinces) custom AI menu such as: "AI will declare wars: true/false, AI will expand: true/false" this way we can make historical scenarios AI colonization speed to make them colonize slow or fast and maybe a mode thats like "Contiguous/noncontiguous" where they only colonize what they touch already. AI more likely to declare war when theyre low on money, or their neighbors have different ideologies. Instant animation when they take a province, it always fades (i tried changing in the options it doesnt work) something like where you can make the AI's first priority to take certain provinces over others like maybe the USA only wants the real-world USA territories and will prioritize getting it first. civil wars (i think they arleady happen IDK) AI will avoid delcaring war on more powerful foes (if its on higher difficullty) "make copy" button in scenarios some simple AI modes like "protect, expand, none" protect will only try keeping their cores. maybe it can be tied to ideologies. make the philippines flag flip when they're at war lol if real time play is ever added instead of turn based it can be switchable maybe? instant mode wherein the next turn happens as soon as the last one is done I wish there was an autoexpansion thing where you could doublerightclick on an army group and it would queue moves for expanding into the enemies territory. too cheatlike? trade request -> stop war then you click on the civilization and you can put that in a trade request, and you can either stop a war on someone's ally in exchange for something or you can pay someone to stop a war for example. a cheat that makes the AI always accept your proposals cuz thats fun. a cheat to toggle eternal war off and on a cheat to set the aggressiveness % ingame the money cheat actually add an amount like "money 50000" etc. same with the other cheats like population. changeideology cheat then you put the tag like "changeideology 130 c" auto assimilate provinces ? When a country is in debt they should be willing to sell things they otherwise wouldnt like core provinces or forming coalitions. more debt would mean you would be able to buy more from them and obvioulsy higher gold offering would also mean that theyll be more willing. imagine seeing land being exchanged for once without a giant war making the borders all ugly. that would be really cool. you could implement an equasion that would favor trades where both parties have contiguous landmasses (north korea often wont if south korea wars them and wins) i wish you could put a thing where each turn you will automatically give an amount of your gold to another civilization and in return your relations are always going up or maybe they dont declare war on you, or you give them money every turn in exchange for military access. this is good for fighting proxy wars and supporting the country (hint hint Vietnam) i also think that if you have vassals you should be able to put the gold amount into the negative so that you give your vassals gold instead of the other way. it kind of makes more sense for the big guy to support the small, like colonies. if a weaker nation is under threat they should send you trade requests to guarentee their independence or form alliance, etc. for example central america under big soviet threat will send nearby neighbors alliance requests like Mexico. When you click surrender should say "start from beginning as spectator" and you get to watch yourself play but you're like in spectator mode. like an AI will do everything you did but youre spectating. make the AI send ultimatums before going to war. this way theres not always just big wars going on instead borders can change around without being ridiculous. Ideas which I think are stupid but i had them anyway SO they are only for inspiration or they were just interesting: defense spending: basically, if someone invades you (takes a core province) an AI will take over all of your armies which border the province that was taken (this makes it not too op-cheatlike) and will automatically make sure you keep all your core provinces. after al one person doesnt really run the entire army do they? the higher the spending on it is the more advanced the AI is (beginner -> legendary). trade request -> change Ideology. you can trade things and in exchange that civilization will change their ideology to something you choose. alliances shouldnt be so limited by distancce between borders if you trade a lot the relations should probably go up? thats all i got for now enjoy i really love this game lol
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