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  1. man this is well-made. i hope you make more mods like this
  2. Hi heres reasonable suggestions in the game. they should be considered because they all use stuff that already codedd in the game. the timelapse should show other map modes too. if you form a civilization the timelapse will start you as that one. like i form Russia by Muscovy it should show Muscovy until the turn i formed Russia. also please show the country names in the timelapse if possible// if you vassalize countries their color should change to be slightly more like yours. like how government changes colors instead of supporting rebellions one time you should spec
  3. japan takes north marina islands and micronesia as puppets
  4. hello i wanted to show a scenrio i made. Unfortunately i can't release because its on a modified version of addon+ and i dont want to be mean. i made up som story for this. i will just summarize some parts to explain the worldd i put a bit of effort into this [spoiler=sloore] North America the only continent colonized by europe. genocide was never committed against the americans which is part of what lead to the collapse of the USA and Quebec in 1995. still colonized by spain Mexico and the Aztec/aztlan state co-exist like Germany and Prussia. but the aztec are growing less and less ent
  5. i cant release it sadly because its on a "custom" modded game. but Yes there are some events like some space race events (increases technology) vietnam revolution in 1974 depends on some conditions. If one germany becomes too unhappy, the other germany can seize the opportunity to annex you (or go to war) So you must be careful as germany to keep your citizens happy. same with Korea. with china the same applies, however Taiwan/prc can choose to coup the roc to annex part of it or go to war with paris pact which will start ww3 the UK, America, Yugoslavia, and "soviet" union can co
  6. if someone makes this pls make colonies flags have the mother-country's flag in the top right corner. it would be easily done in java
  7. i deleted the old mod content but in the flags folder theres still the flags from the old mods even though they arent in the game and i dont feel like going through 7600+ flags to delete the correct ones.. i guess i will not post it
  8. I didnt make very much in it though. i downloaded mods and then took out of them waht i wanted, (like maps etc) and put it in my main game so i wouldnt need tons of mods. I have done it a lot and now my game has tons tons tons of good content. should i release this also is it allowed. if i release i will give credit to the originals
  9. this scenario is a communist america (and allies) vs a capitalist ("democratic") russia/ and allies. i made up bunch of stuff for this. Sovereign Union = Союз Суверенных Демократических Республик American Union = union of federal socialist republics fun facts about this universe. - in 1940s, german was lead by the "Social Nationalist German Capitalist" party instead. the nazis of this universe were called the "sonas" - north korea is still called a dictatorship by the west. they really cant catch a break - in this universe the sino-russian split still happened. but be
  10. i can think of 2 modes percentage and cities percentage of provinces vs you have to for example, capture the 3 biggest cities in that country. customizable so like 1,2,3,4,5 largest cities. (cities would just provinces with largest value)
  11. i know he will never add it no one will, its just fun to make these
  12. civilization traits like HOI4, you can add/remove them like Ages.json, Governments.json. they can be applied per scenario and in events or even under certain conditions here are a couple ones i developed Lucky Nation - doubles the country's movement points and income (for 1440 or EU4 scenarios) Unlucky Nation - halves the country's movement points and income Socialist Nation - your nations happiness decreases slower, increases faster but your income production and taxation is cut in half Discipline - you can recruit more population into the army Radical Government - countries of other
  13. please add god powers in spectator mode. so many things you can control like gold, development, economy, population, start diseases, change the year, add/remove cores for civilizations, annex, occupy, declare war, white peaces, control peace deals (both side), set army, change ideology, start civil war, change the aggressiveness and difficulty of different civilization, force them to release vassal, force them to send ultimatums to others, change their rate of population, economy, etc. growth, change how they manage their budget and more. in a shorter version, in spectator mode god power
  14. Hi I edited earth to make it no water, and freezing cold.. I have a big story for this, I'm stuck in the house due to the hot weather and COVID in my area, this is not a troll post I just wanted to have fun with this. cold earth: in 1990 during the soviets dissolve, some scientists thought of a plan to ensure the soviets win the cold war. they used a time machine. they went back 10,000 years and the plan was to make north America bad for colonizing and so the USA never existed. they did it by nuking the **** out of amazon rainforest. but they didn't know of nuclear winter (for some reason
  15. they are extremely unstable. at any moment your ally could declare war on you, can have bad relations, etc. and with vassals.. at any time, they can choose to want independence. its because relations are random. basically, the only way to ensure that your allies dont turn on you is to pay other countries to go to war with them, because when you get called to war by them it improves relations. and same with vassals you basically have to be a war machine. i undertand you have to get the whole map but i dont think the game wants you to be at war constantly. my solution is to make the vassal
  16. here some of my ideas. space station lvl 1: gives you the full view of the map, built for a large cost. each level cost a ton more. space station lvl 2: gives you view of the ownership of the provinces space station lvl 3: gives you view of the soldiers not in a fort/castle space station lvl 4: gives you access to instantly space-to-ground air drop soldiers in the middle of any of your terrain for a slightly higher cost space station lvl 5: lets you see whos preparing for war with you. and lets you airdrop your soldiers into any enemy terrain for a ton of cost. s
  17. the jar won't run. i debuuged it and this is error message: Cp1252 Exception in thread "LWJGL Application" com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Couldn't load file: ic_32x32.png at com.badlogic.gdx.graphics.Pixmap.<init>(Pixmap.java:147) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglGraphics.setupDisplay(LwjglGraphics.java:196) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication.mainLoop(LwjglApplication.java:144) at com.badlogic.gdx.backends.lwjgl.LwjglApplication$1.run(LwjglApplication.java:126) Caused by: com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRunti
  18. i have a old mod called addon+ and in it there is these 2 scenarios called "Another World" and i wanna know what is the alternate history they came from. the other is called "Another World: Crepuscolo delgi Dei which is further in the future:
  19. a mode where when whenever you capture an enemys capital you automatically occupy the rest of their territory (and instantly win the war). can someone mod this. anything like that
  20. please let us have brush sizes. you know when selecting the map provinces it can take very long time especially with a big map. add a "brush size" option which will paint-select them in a circle around your mouse. this would make it so easier.. if you can mod this too please do it
  21. soulplexis

    strange glitch

    ultimate (streamable.com) again (streamable.com) i sent these two countries ultimatums but instead of all at once giving me the territory the game 1. didnt say that they accepted the ultimatum (so no truce either) 2. gave me the territory province by province 3. ANDTHEN it says "accepted your ultimateum". im not bug reporting because my game was modded anyways though
  22. it wont open the editor says Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException at mapeditor.GamePanel.<init>(GamePanel.java:191) at mapeditor.main.<init>(main.java:22) at mapeditor.main.main(main.java:17)
  23. i got a creative idea, foreign tolerance. it controls how much conquered peoples are tolerated (replaced) low tolerance will mean that your population will replace conquered people at the cost of having a higher chance of random rebellions and low stability in the province. maybe higher cost to assimilate as well. this is until they are genocided.. which would take like a billion turns.. yes this adds esentially genocide. is that bad to have in a game? high tolerance will mean that conquered provinces will have more stability and low chance of random rebellions at the cost of making
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