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  1. first suggestions, here are ideas for more cheat commands. ideology <ideology Extra_tag> changes any countrys ideology (you select provincce of that country or specify an ID hre adds the selected province / country to the holy roman empire occupy <occupier ID> <occupied id (optional)> the selected province will be occupied by the occupier ID, if a second id is specified then the entire country is occupied by that ID. this is good for forcing a peace deal. annex <annexer ID> <annexed ID (optional)> same as occupy command except its annex co
  2. good suggestions i think ill make some too!!
  3. go into game options province settings and set the alpha all the way up
  4. in governments.json there are this AI Types: AI_TYPE: "DEFAULT", AI_TYPE: "FASCISM", AI_TYPE: "COMMUNISM", AI_TYPE: "DEFAULT", etc. what does each one do?
  5. If you start as russia for example, and later form Soviet Union or something (i use mods but tested with vanilla too) in the replay it will just show you as Soviet union the whole time (even though it should be russia) also at certain angles on the map (alaska) in the replay the camera will spin around fast and you cant see whats going on.
  6. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ztaev13o68l3uht/ColdWarv2.zip/file A preview. I previously posted this scenario but it was sloppily made so i've improved it a lot. this is like if the soviet union won the cold war, and in that universe you ask: "what if the usa never collapsed" and this is the result. now includes territorial disputes for Germany, the Koreas, the Dakotas, the Carolinas, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, and more. added cores for all soviet republics including siberia and tannu tuva added cores for all US states including Great Lakes Republic, N
  7. this is a scenario where the soviet union never collapses. The Comintern (NOT warsaw pact) and NATO both exist but the Comintern is bigger to include china and North Korea. Sino-Soviet split never occurs this is used with addon+ because there are more features and stuff. it probably wont work otherwise. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth+\scenarios here is the path if addon+ is installed. open the zip folder and the folder in there drag it into that path. not the contents of it https://www.mediafire.com/file/o6y1u0kyyx8ax6b/15948
  8. i used a lot of ultimatums im sorry it just became so easy with that big army. 1991 i set an event to annex all former soviet territory to the ussr NATO declares war on Indonesia and japan and i annex japan but only help indonesia cuz theyre too far gone actually i think they decalred war on NATO though.. LOL i help yugoslavia early on but annex them later cuz they hated me i destroyed nato from the inside by starting a bunch of wars between the members using all the money i had from all that territory. and then i insult europe a bunch and annex them the end. now i domin
  9. https://www.mediafire.com/file/z9wquq59sd7ufsn/mikupan.zip/file Make sure you also add Mikuism to your governements. { Name: "Mikuism", Extra_Tag: "日", GOV_GROUP_ID: 1, ACCEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0.8, MIN_GOODS: 0.11, MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0.11, RESEARCH_COST: 0.45, INCOME_TAXATION: 1.05, INCOME_PRODUCTION: 7.50, MILITARY_UPKEEP: 0.00, ADMINISTRATION_COST: 1.05, ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1.02, ADMINISTRAT
  10. i think if youre the same ideology you shouldnt need to assimilate provinces after taking them. thats just a start though
  11. some are inspired from hoi4 i was playing that. im sure these will be ignored because the game is dead though maybe can someone make a MOD? ai related stuff: countries in alliances shouldnt be able to declare war on one another. also if one leaves an alliance to declare war, it should not be able to declare war in the same turn it left the alliance in alliances are also very unstable. member states should always work toward good relations like in real life. alliances are way too limited, if there are more than 2 member states, then asking another one to join is almost al
  12. lots of the provinces are bugged. they dont "border" ones next to them. theres one in south-central canada border and two sea ones near the bering strait/alaska
  13. in the 2020 scenario some of the borders are wrong like Mongolia and North Korea
  14. *fun cheat suggestions!* there could be some kind of cheat menu, with different modes and options in the game. or someone could make a hack for the game or somethn, idk. AutoDefend - Makes your armies automatically defend your land/core provinces. AutoExpand - Select a region of provinces. You will automatically declare war on anyone who occupies them or take the land if it's neutral. NoRebels - no rebels will happen to you. AutoAssimilate - Automatically assimilate any unstable provinces NoWar - Nobody will declare war on you AutoPeace - Automatically sends peace demands upon capturing a
  15. updated the list i added some really cool ideas in my opinion.
  16. i hope you can find it inspirational 😁 a button for selecting all provinces in select mode (for example when assigning provinces) custom AI menu such as: "AI will declare wars: true/false, AI will expand: true/false" this way we can make historical scenarios AI colonization speed to make them colonize slow or fast and maybe a mode thats like "Contiguous/noncontiguous" where they only colonize what they touch already. AI more likely to declare war when theyre low on money, or their neighbors have different ideologies. Instant animation when they take a province, i
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