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  1. The first one is possible, you go in console (Click in country flag, then type "hi" on the bar next to the flag), click in a random country province, then type "id" in console, it will show you the civilization ID. Then click in another country province then do the "id" command again and now the last thing you have to do, type on console "war [ID] [ID] then the two countries are in a war. And no, there's no mod. (Also, if you want the countries to have peace, just type in console "peace [ID] [ID]" Note: the peace command don't works sometimes)
  2. Hello, today i'll show you my formable civilizations that i created. (My game are on Portuguese, so i'll add translations) Also, there will be the flag and the formable civilization screen The formable civs are Great German Reich and Grossdeutschland. (And yes, it's just these two) No download link, sorry about that.
  3. When i go to Map editor and select map to edit provinces the game closes
  4. Nice tutorial, i was making a map of all cities of Brazil 😛
  5. I hope this map gets released, i love space
  6. Nice, can't wait to download this map! 🙂
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