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    Aoc2rl got a reaction from Strangefancypants in Generals   
    The ability to assign generals to lead specific armies. For example you could assign a general to the 1st army to defend your provinces, and assign a general to the 2nd army to capture all of the enemy provinces,etc. Could also have air marshals and assign bombers and fighters to go to a specific area. 
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    Aoc2rl reacted to Awesomer2715 in Demilitarized Zones   
    It would be nice if a demilitarization mechanic would be added to the game. A few possible options for demilitarization would be:
    National Demilitarization: In a specified province, only a certain/specified country is not allowed to put troops on it. (Ex: Demilitarization of the Rhineland) International Demilitarization: In a specified province, no country is allowed to put troops on it (Ex: Antarctic Treaty prohibits any nation from colonizing it, so preventing troops entering would prevent it from being colonized) Partial Demilitarization: In a specified province, a specified number of troops are allowed to be in it at a time (Ex: As a result of the Yom Kippur War, Egypt was limited a number of troops that can be put in the Sinai Peninsula.) It would be even better if it would be possible to make demilitarization a possible option of a peace treaty, and a remilitarization option for events.
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    Aoc2rl reacted to Pierrot69stf in nukes and paratroopers   
    We should have aviation in general : air fights, bombing ( maybe different types (normal,gas, fire,etc...) then nukes with different damage levels (based on dev) and missiles (also with levels)
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    Aoc2rl reacted to Shiite in nukes and paratroopers   
    11:59 has nukes. I'm working on adding nukes for SPQR2 0.03!
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    Aoc2rl reacted to rvb in nukes and paratroopers   
    It would be nice if nukes and paratroopers would ever become available in a next update!
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    Aoc2rl reacted to ($Jake$) in a button that assimilates and builds buildings in every province   
    Just cut the middleman and add a button that assimilates all provinces and builds all buildings in all provinces. Perfect solution.
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