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  1. For the name you should add an _ between the words, as a space will never work with these types of things.
  2. i dont mean to be rude but these videos dont have anything to do with aoc2, it really looks like you are just using this site to get potential likes
  3. help i keep getting network issues while downloading the game
  4. bro what the fuck i was joking but i guess that just flew over you head. LOOK AT THE DAMN POST "I don't want to see answers like "cause android is inferior"" Do you honestly think i really think this? i use a damn android ffs stop getting triggered at a damn joke you overcooked piece of steak
  5. sup

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    2. DespotMilan
    3. Anglo-Dutch


      who the fuck replies with ok after dming someone

    4. DespotMilan


      im doing ww3 scenario check out on my profile

  6. Anglo-Dutch


    ah yes, map
  7. thats actually pretty neat ngl
  8. whats the point of this when theres a modern world build in the game already?
  9. turkey isnt on the map
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