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  1. I think canals will work only for modern ages. They will ruin gameplay of middle ages
  2. Sorry I don't have too much specific ideas. Maybe a fantasy world completely created by you or a collection of alternate scenarios?
  3. I've never seen a good Napoleonic Wars mod in this community. If you create one with events, accurate leaders and accurate borders it will be really good.
  4. There are mobile apps for this job. I am not sure is there any app on PC for this.
  5. Ok I found Android version in their VK group and this mod is great. It's really underrated in community.
  6. Looks good. Will there be an Android version for this beautiful mod?
  7. Looks good. Will you make an Android version?
  8. That's a mod. Here original scenario: modernworld.zip
  9. That's about base game and I think there is no way to stop this
  10. Will you add new ideologies and formable nations too? They will make mod better if you add them.
  11. I made a medium sized music pack for game. There is 29 new music in mode with original musics of game. Please tell me your opinion about mode. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oJAqcfk5v8E4CHLtpKJNI3Mu0c1xO0NK/view?usp=drivesdk
  12. I liked this idea. Maps like this makes game more entertaining.
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