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  1. On 12/23/2020 at 6:22 PM, Varguista Anônimo said:

    Yes, make the Panama Canal, Suez Canal, Euphrates River, Danubian river, Tigris river, Rhine River, Douro river, Rhône, Main, Mossele, seine, Zambeze, Niger,Orange, Limpopo, Senegal,

    I think canals will work only for modern ages. They will ruin gameplay of middle ages

  2. 1 hour ago, setapdede said:

    Can you just stop insulting people like that? You can still have an opinion but that dosen't mean your's is the correct one aka everyone thinks what they want to think. And expressing it in a insulting way can make you not liked in the near feuture which is right now.

    I don't think they have an opinion. They are just trying to be annoying.

  3. 14 hours ago, Prophetthe1 said:

    Help Wanted!

    in order to speed up development, i need your help! Currently i am seeking someone who can edit flags to the correct size/format to where i can just drag and drop into the mod. This would allow me to speed up development (flags are the reason i am taking some time) and would be greatly appreciated! You of course will be credited (and gain a special rank when i make the discord server)


    There are mobile apps for this job. I am not sure is there any app on PC for this.

  4. 2 hours ago, The IM said:

    Hi! This is my mod making continuation, here you will see download link of my mod:


    A lot od people, want to play on scenario with a lot of events, a lot of leaders, with alternative history and of course true history. So, here is Modernday scenario about year 1991, where you can see a lot of events from this date, like fall of USSR or Yugoslavian War! Hope you enjoy!


    Of course i will translate whole mod to English language, don't worry about it!

    Looks good. Will you make an Android version?

  5. 21 hours ago, Skywarslord said:

    I have a bug, i'm not sure if this is in the base game or because the mod, but i decided to post here. I was playing my game, and I got a notification at the top of the screen saying i conquered 10 provinces, but it refused to fade away. Even after restarting the game it stayed. Anyway to stop this?

    That's about base game and I think there is no way to stop this

  6. 11 hours ago, The IM said:

    As we know, the scenario of World War II is not quite well done. For example, in my version you will find, for example, instead of Hungary, the Kingdom of Hungary with their proper flag, king, perks to the king and the starting army, and in addition with a very weak economy. The latter may piss off some, but I did it to force everyone to develop economics in the country. I just think personally that the game is not focused on conquest alone. That's why this mod!
    And something that is rare ... Events! Of course you will find fashions with some Events up to World War II, but usually only countries such as the Third Reich or France, for example, which often shoot because we want to play something, say weaker. I am trying to ensure that even the smallest war participant, such as Luxembourg, has at least one event! A download link will appear here:

    Download link: *mod is not ready

    Looks fine, good luck!

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