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    Eric the Bloodaxe got a reaction from witek90bielawa@gmail.com in Avatar Aang MOD   
    I liked this idea. Maps like this makes game more entertaining.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Italian PeC in Age of History II : The Second Great War mod by Italian P&C DOWNLOAD NOW   
    Age of History II : The Second Great war is an AoH2 mod with the objective of 
    completely revamping the World War 2 Scenario by perfecting it 
    and adding a completely new and exclusive mechanic : Event Trees
    The mod aims to be an immersive experience for the players of AoH2 that are bored of repeating the same stuff every time with different mods. While other mods aim to expand the map, add provinces or make more scenarios, "The Second Great War" (or just TSGW) for short gives a completely new spin to an already in game scenario,  making it as interesting as possible,  by perfecting the scenario (making it better gameplay wise, as well as adding cores and diplomacy) and most of all, Adding  "Event Trees" aka an original mix between  events and Hoi4-like Focus Trees. These event trees take you to different paths depending on the nation you choose to play as, with events popping up either as one-time decision with no excess influence or as complete game changers that can change your path and your following events down the line. 
    Together  with historical events, such as remilitarizing the Rhineland, opening of airports, building of museums, Historical wars, historical ultimatums and more, we also have completely new and different alternate unhistorical paths you can take your nation through. Want to ditch germany as fascist Italy and pursue an alliance with the Allies? You can! Want to focus on the economy as Germany? You can! Want to enter the Axis as a military government in Turkey? You can! Want to create the Intermarium as an alliance of sovereign states ? You can!  Want to re-establish the Monarchy in Brazil after a violent year long civil war? Hell yes you can!
    This mod adds over 200 different events all over the world, with bigger Event Trees for important nations in the second great war , like Italy,  Germany, Japan, the USSR and America , but also adding massive event trees to less popular nations,  like Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil and more! 
    So when will the mod be out? Are you going to let this 
    die and just leave this project unfinished like most modders?
    HELL NO! The mod has already been 4 month in development, and it's close to being finished, meaning that by the end of the month or even EARLIER, you could get to play it on both Android or PC with no problems!
    How do I support this mod? Where can I download it the second it comes out?
    You can find the download link (when it comes out),  as well as showcases of the mod on my Youtube channel: https://youtube.com/channel/UCD-hWGkNIC8PaEEcA2bnV5g
    PS we also have a discord: https://discord.gg/ZWa6WTqJ
    Download links: PC https://drive.google.com/file/d/17AVH9Mw4wDSt_szUnWLe39dMYEzXsTq3/view?usp=drivesdk
    Download links: Android https://drive.google.com/file/d/178IGLzr6rWRXIudRqVWnRbAInEdQ3xYW/view?usp=drivesdk
    P.S. Great thanks to the developer of the mod for AoH2 called TNO, Aren, for helping me develop the Android version of this mod, I couldn't have done it without him ##

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    Eric the Bloodaxe got a reaction from Cengiz in Avatar Aang MOD   
    I liked this idea. Maps like this makes game more entertaining.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to YeeshBoe in The New Order mod - 1.0.21   
    Hyperborea unification theme
    Can you add this one?
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to krauser3ful in News about the Next Update.   
    First, and first of all, I want to clarify that the next update does not have a departure date yet, since there is still much to do and there are also many errors that delay the departure date, so I just ask for your patience.
    Thank you for your attention.
    Events for the 1054 scenario
    We are working on an update that aims to have events for scenario 1054, it will only be for this scenario, for the moment, perhaps in the future there will also be others.
    The main idea is to add events to all the civilizations on the stage, no matter how small and insignificant those nations are, events will be given to them anyway, this way the player can choose any civi and enjoy the events in the same way.
    So that you do not have to wait so long, since there are many civilizations and creating events is not an easy task, the idea is to release the update by parts, to be more exact by regions, so, even if the update is not complete, you can enjoy of this anyway.
    Currently, and the first part of the update, it will be about the British Islands, having three important countries, England, Normandy and Norway.
    Unfortunately we still cannot show images about the events, so that you can give a little idea of what they will be like, since all the events are in Spanish, which is our native language, and when we translate them into English we will publish them a couple Of images, even so, I will describe the events without much detail.
    They may change in the future.
    We plan to add all types of events, but maybe some cannot be, and others have to be changed so that they can work.
    Generic Events
    First, it is planned to add generic events, events that can give life to the world in which we are playing and perhaps make some change in our civilization, but always something not so significant.
    Monarchical decisions
    This would be a mechanic made entirely with events, the player could make decisions for the benefit of the kingdom or for himself. Also give orders to the Council, among them "Butler", "Chancellor", "Marshal", "Master of spies", "Chaplain".
    Formable Civilizations
    As previously said, the idea is that all civilizations have events, including formable civilizations, and now, the system of forming civilizations will be different, the "classical" window will no longer be used but will be done through mechanics. of monarchical decisions.
    Technology and nation events
    During the game, our civi will have events where we will choose which technological or national approaches we will take, it is not a complex mechanic, but it can be a lot of fun.
    Those would be the events that are currently for some of the civilizations of the British islands, but we want to add more mechanics and events as for example.
    -Crusades, we have the idea of being able to participate and call crusades
    -Antipope, if you have negative relationships you could finance an antipope and put him by force
    -focuses, it would be a mechanic for role-playing where our monarch would take role-playing routes, perhaps with consequences.
    -Achievements, after completing certain requirements, achievements would jump, which alone would be aesthetic or to raise the ego.
    -Secret events, depending on what we have previously decided, we could unlock secret routes that help us or harm us.
    - Marriages, I do not know how I would do this, if you have ideas, please say them, but I would like to enter marriages and thus create alliances or unions.
    Those would be some of the ideas, maybe we put all of them, or maybe very few, it all depends on the limitations of the game when creating events.
    I hope you like what we have in mind, and if you have something to say, you can comment on it, greetings and goodbye.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ivr17 in Addon // Age of History II   
    Scenario 1145. I pay special attention to the little things.

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Commieslav in Dark Europe (Hoi4 Mode)   
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ivr17 in Addon // Age of History II   
    Big report for month 

    sorry, i'm so lazy to translate this :l
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Dmitry Bunt in Equestria at War 1.2 | Download Now   
    EaW: p 1.2 Winter Update (Zebrica and Balefire Blues)
    + Zebrica
    + New map Balefire blues
    + Map from the previous version is now called EAW Original
    + New landscapes
    + Added unique terrain for Barvard
    + New Ideologies: Syndicalism, NatSoc, Necromancy
    + Special ideologies for Balefire Blues
    + Countries
    + KWE received new flags
    + New era
    + Now in the south of equs new islands
    -More contacts of provinces
    -Now there will be no colon on boot
    -Now Equus, Griffonia, Zebrica are marked with the names of continents (Previously, they were Europe and Asia)
    -For the new map with Zebrica, scenarios were reworked
    -Fixed flags for Riverlands
    / Remove old map if you install on PC
    / Cities in Russian only for the original map
    / The fonts are the fonts, if you want you can change
    / If you are going to install EXE, then make a copy of the original EXE (Or jar file if you install it)
    Download 1
    Download 2
    Android :
    Download 1
    Download 2

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Aryan in The New Order mod - 1.0.21   
    A mod based on The New Order mod for Hearts of Iron 4. It currently has events for several major events like German Civil War, South African War, Collapse of Triumvirate, Russian Regional Reunification, English Civil War and Franco-Burgundian War.
    Android: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18BPeHgLwJmhFvcyrFlUuyPHcLQIVcXod/view?usp=drivesdk
    PC: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18E_RPcBA7zli0aZgXlstacwsJ9aol6Vm/view?usp=drivesdk
    AI Aggressiveness: 0 to 50 percent (Prevents extreme border gore)
    Fog of War: Classic (Helps with the turn speed)
    Changes in version 1.0.1:
    - Special mechanics for Speer, Goering and Heydrich so they have a chance against Bormann
    - Events for Buryatia till the regional unification plus two variations of the Russian Reunification event depending on your path
    - Leader change event for Komi as well as formable civs for all their leader's regional stage
    - Formables added for West Russian warlords
    - Changes made to war and peace events
    Version 1.0.21
    -Moskowien can now adopt a German leaning or Russian meaning two state solution or collapse completely
    -Egyptian collapse added
    -Great Asian War and Indian War added
    -Long Yun's rebellion added
    -1973 escenario added so you dont have to wait ten years as China or Japan for the GAW with next to nothing to do
    -Option for AI aggressiveness 0% (Only tested for Android)
    -Some changes to the UI (WIP)
    -A new map background
    -Changes to the colour pallet
    -More music added
     This scenario served as the base of my mod so that I didn't have to draw the borders from scratch. It also had events till the German Civil War and South African War.
    The ui sounds and older map background are taken from Project Imperator, a now discontinued mod.
    The creator of an Equestria at War mod, Dmitry Bunt told me how to set min ai aggressiveness to 0%.

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Houtmonin225 in The New Order mod - 1.0.21   
    Why the Ui scale is so big even i turn it down and it's still big?

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ivr17 in Addon // Age of History II   
    More new islands

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Serfeuer in Age of Elder Scrolls | UPDATE IN 2021   
    Well, I didn't last long. This is Suzema (the original one) and I'm going to make update for Age of Elder Scrolls.
    Exactly one year has passed since the last update of this mod. During this time, I had time to miss modding and I had a lot of ideas for AoES.
    Firstly, a new main map that will display the entire planet of Nirn, including canon and non-canon continents.
    The map, in comparison with the old one, has undergone many changes, the number of provinces has doubled (from 2311 to 4618), new islands and archipelagos, rivers and lakes have appeared on the map.
    Secondly, I decided to stop strictly observing the canon of the universe. This will make the game on continents other than Tamriel more interesting and the scenarios more elaborate.
    At the moment, the provinces are fully drawn and connected, a map of the continents and regions has been made. There is no background yet (in the screenshots there is a technical background), now cities are being made (2710 out of 3922 are ready).
    There will be around 60 scenarios on the map, perhaps there will be a scenario with storyline events, there will be 200-300 formed civilizations, there will most likely be minor changes in the game code, but I do not promise major changes.
    Work in progress :P

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ProvinceOfSaoPaulo in MiniOn+ | Version 0.2 (Download Now!)   
    MiniOn+ | Version 0.2
    Hi! If you are here there is a high chance that you have already seen the canceled mod "MiniAddOn +". however I didn't give up on creating the omod I always dreamed of on my favorite game map. The reason I canceled MiniAddOn + was because I wanted a unique mod, not a simple AddOn + parody, so I invested time and created a new version, this time without the AddOn + mod.
    Well, here it is, MiniOn+. A mod to improve the old AoH1 map with few provinces, it is one of my favorite maps and I’ve never seen anyone make a mod about it so I did that, the mod is in version 0.1 and soon I’ll add more scenarios and more countries and more governments, check out the images!
    Note: This Version 0.2 is extremely unstable and some bugs can appear as civilizations form other meaningless civilizations or buggy borders.

    What does this mod add?
    Parliamentary Monarchy (New) (under development)
    Absolutist Monarchy (Improved) (under development)
    Socialism (New) (under development)
    Authoritarian Government (Improved)
    Presidential Republic (Improved)
    Military Dictatorship (New) (under development)
    Exploration Colony (New) (under development)

    Formable Civilizations:

    Link For Download MiniOn+ V0.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/lvslkwi9turwr7p/MiniOn%2B_v0.1.zip/file
    Link For Download MiniOn+ V0.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/352jia75fx5errb/MiniOn%2B_V0.2.zip/file
    Version 0.2 Changlog:
    +More Formed Civilizations; Mongol Empire, Russian Empire, Qing Dynasty, Korean Empire, Many Others
    +Scenarios; World War II, 1861, Another WW1, many others.
    -Republica De Weimar (Civilização Formavel) (Removed because of a bug in the game.)
    Version 0.3 coming soon! 

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to krauser3ful in AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties Download available!!!   
    Tired of travelers in time? Tired of the leaders who only take the water of life? Well then, I have the solution!
    AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties!!!

    AOC II: The Kings of Dynasties: It is a mod based on the Middle Ages that tries to be an expansion for the Age of Civilization II game. Play as a county, kingdom, or empire and survive through time, expand your domains throughout the troubled Christian Europe, subdue Muslim Africa, fight against the different Indian kingdoms, and defend yourself against the mighty advancing Asian kingdoms and empires to the west. Play in several of the scenarios created by Ple2 and form powerful civilizations either diplomatically or by force.
    The mod contains:
    -Dynasties for each of the playable civilizations found on the stages
    -559 Different dynasties
    -1120 new playable civilizations
    -185 new formable civilizations
    -New scenarios based on the era of feudalism
    -New forms of governments for the different religions / Cultures of the time
    -New Soundtrack
    I want to say and make it clear, that the mod will probably have some historical error, and that is because of the scant information that is found about some dynasties, but if you know the kingdom, county or duchy that belonged to such a dynasty I would appreciate it Tell me.

    Frequent questions:
    What languages is the mod in?
    At the moment the mod is only in English and Spanish.
    Are there events in the mod?
    At the moment there is not, but I plan to add them in a future update.
    Do I need to install something to be able to play mod?
    No, all you have to do is download the mod and when you extract it you can start playing the mod.
    When I change the HUD scale the letters get smaller. What can I do?
    It is simple, to correct this, you just have to go to Options, and go down to the Fonts section, and then change the size to your liking.

    You can now download the mod here!!!
    Downloads - AOC II: The Kings of Dynasties mod for Age of Civilizations II - Mod DB
                                                                      Credits and Thanks:
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to krauser3ful in AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties Download available!!!   
    Hello everyone! sorry for the inactivity, but! we are actually very active, we don't constantly post like other mods, but we work every day that we can.
    Now comes a very great idea! Events, after some time learning, we are working on events, and I know you will like many, I will try to hurry so that you have a little taste of what is coming, but I do not promise anything, the project is very ambitious and will take time.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to krauser3ful in AoC II: The Kings of Dynasties Download available!!!   
    Thanks a lot! Sorry for the delay in responding, but we've had issues.
    If you like me, you will like what is coming, it will take a while, because we are only two people who do everything and we are not experts but we put our hearts into it.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe got a reaction from Germoney The Attacker in Addon // Age of History II   
    You're the funniest shit I've ever seen.
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ivr17 in Addon // Age of History II   
    Work with the map is 97% complete...
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    Eric the Bloodaxe got a reaction from ImperialistSouthBrazil in AOC2 iron theme mod (motif in hoi4)   
    Another dead mode
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to St.Chmnd in Beta Download | At the Dawn of an Era - A Victorian Era "Mod" |   
    "Small Update": Southern India Princely States and Cores:
    Hello, here we have another "small update" for this scenario/mod...so let's get straight to the point.
    Kolhapur, Hyderabad, Mysore and The Karnatik/Arcot:

    Kolhapur and Karnatak are the totally new ones here: Kolhapur, the orange state over the Portuguese territory of Goa, being a playable nation from the start, ruled by a Maratha dynasty (hence it's flag, showing the typical shape and color of those). On the other hand we have the Nawab of the Carnatic, covering the eastern coast of southern India, a former state, who's soil served as the battleground of the Carnatic Wars, and that saw it's own demise after the British annexed the Nawabdom under the "Doctrine of Lapse".
    And we also see some familiar faces; Hyderabad () and Mysore ().
    I added both of them to the game as separate from the ones who were already present. They have different colors and flags than the ones included in "vanilla" AoH2. I also added cores for them which include previously controled areas (like Mysore's extent from before the Fourth Anglo-Mysore war).
    I did the same with Baster, but I forgot to include a screenshot of it hahaha.
    Some more of the same, with a change of name: Awadh and Tehri Garhwal.

    I didn't want to erase nor change things about the states of Oudh and Garhwal, to not mess things up with the 1440 scenario. So instead, I added them again to the game, albeit using their alternate names. They also include more flags! (as almost all of the princely states I have added to the scenario).
    So now, Southern India looks like this:

    And now, to answer questions:
    Short answer: Yes, yes, and yes.
    "Little bit longer" answer: Yes, but most of it will be post-beta release, that way, people can comment what's lacking in the areas.
    For South East Asia (SEA)I have advanced a little, but not a lot in this zone, having great contrast between one part and the other. On one side, we have the princely states of Malaya and Indonesia, which have a lot of effort put into them (adding almost 30+ states, from Java, Borneo, Sumatra, Bali, Flores, and the Malayan Penninsula). But the Northern part of SEA is lacking a bit in some things (I added the Shan Kentung State, Cambodia in its "Dark Ages version", and added some flags for Vietnam/Dai Nam), but that's a result of It being one of the first parts I worked into (when I wasn't that good with all these modifying things),  and the same goes for all of East Asia.
    "General Area of the North of SEA":

    Japan has some details with the addition of some of the Daimyos involved into the later "Meiji Restoration", included the Matsumae domain (a sort of "March"/borderlandand in the southern tip of Ezo/Hokkaido, protecting the Shogunate's border), and added new Ainu nation in the northern islands of Sakhalin and Kurile. Some of the Daimyos who allied themselves with the Imperial faction have special Monarchist flags.
    "Different parts of Japan, from North to South"

    For China, regarding the Qing, the most development I made (almost nothing), was regarding Manchuria (as you can see from the image above); changed the name of it to "Guandong", changed it to a color which was more representative of it being a Qing sub-state, added more flags and names to it, etc. (I need to repeat the same process to the other "sub-states" of the Dynasty, like for example, with Qinghai or Sichuan). I also tried to research some more about the nomadic people's of Western China/Qing Central Asian territories, but I haven't been able to find much on the topic of flags and symbols regarding the Ili region (although there's a lot regarding Uygurs and related ethnicithies). I'll try to look into the topic of the region of Tibet too in this regard.
    "Western China?"

    Eh, it's bound to happen, but there's not much I can do regarding that. I'll test at some point how slow it goes in mobile, but in PC it goes somewhat fine.
    Yeah, I'm sure that the team developing it would be working reaaallly hard into making the mod an amazing product.
    Well, that's all for now, thanks for reading this!
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to ivr17 in Addon // Age of History II   
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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to Reich in Norrvägen | RELEASED   
    I decided to remake leaders again. It worth only to know about existence of Crusader Kings 3 portraits editor and learn it. Using CK3 editor, I will make all of portraits. Examples of ready-made portraits are below.

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    Eric the Bloodaxe reacted to 11:59 Development Team in Work for modders, so that modders work for you.   
    If you work for modders, modders will work for you.
    A couple of new features would help advance the modding community:
    1) An event editor overhaul to make it more flexible. Currently, the event editor is so bugged that text will quite simply run off the screen. Here's what would improve the event editor:
    Fixing obvious bugs (text running off the screen, conditions not working [Controlled by, army in province are examples of conditions not working], the 'decision taken' condition displaying an error message even when valid, et cetera). Fix the 'Repeatable' glitch: Even when the conditions for the event are not met, the event fires anyway. Properly implemented booleans on events would prevent this. Adding a search field (also known as a search box) so that modders are able to search for events and organise their events better (especially handy when the number of events exceeds 100). Adding an event that is applicable to multiple participants with the following fields: Random Civilisation: Selects a random country once the event fires. Multiple Civilisations: Actively checks and fires the event (once conditions are met) for all countries in the list. Any Civilisation: Actively checks and fires the event for any country in the game. (Would be great for flavour events to keep the game fresh). Every Civilisation: When any country meets the conditions necessary to fire the event, all countries will receive events. Adding a new effect that would allow for buildings to be built on provinces. Adding a new effect that would annex land to a civilisation regardless of the province owner/controller. 2) New editors for existing mechanics. This would open up brand new possibilities for modders.
    Building Editor: Enables for the creation and editing of buildings, and the various effects that they would give. Technology Editor: Enables for the creation and editing of technology, and the various effects that they would give. 3) New mechanics/features.
    Capability for multiple units. This would ideally come with an editor which could create new units and adjust such things as cost, manpower, manoeuvre, offence, and defence. These units do not need unit models. Simply place an icon to the left of the number to represent which unit they are. Culture/Religion. Culture or religion would go a lot farther than the current nationality system, allowing for more complex behaviour as well as a better assimilation mechanic. (Right now, you simply throw money at people to make them 'assimilate', cultures would need to be 'accepted' or 'tolerated'). Casus bellis. Also known as 'justifications for war', casus bellis would put an end to the mindless wars that the AI tends to do. These would also come as event effects, and causes for war could be edited by modders via a new editor, or a .json file. Casus bellis would significantly improve the AI, and do away with the current concept of 'AI Aggressivity'. Loading screens (Not necessary). Custom static loading screens are extremely easy to implement in Java. It requires fetching a raw image from a file and simply rendering it on top of the screen. These would make the game (as well as mods) look far more professional than it already does. 4) Steam Workshop.
    At the end of the day, mods need to be distributed somehow. And the best way for mods to reach a wider audience is through Steam Workshop. Combined with previous reforms (which should be relatively easy to do given that the core framework of the game is already implemented), mods of much higher quality than the ones we see right now would begin to appear.  
    Conclusion: These changes to the game would completely overhaul the game for the better, revolutionising the way mods are made and drastically improving the quality of these mods. In the end, it's the modding community that makes games successful, and that applies to the realm of Grand Strategy as well. Players are looking for features, and only you can deliver on that. Work for modders, so that modders work for you.
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