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  1. Open the Editor, go to events and then choose a scenario. Then press continue and if you can see the last end page you can see "set events" then you can add a new event. But its complicated and you must figure out how to make events.
  2. This is a bug. Mostly this bug occurs if you have not new updates. I recommend you to buy the steam version. If you play offline i can understand. Never buy pirated Versions.
  3. Klaus

    Kingdom Of Albania

    Albania was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire for a time. You cannot form it but you can 1. Make a event where its formable 2. Edit the scenario
  4. Hello. First go into the /common Steam folder, then you can see Age of Civilizations. Open your ZIP File and drag all files without opening the Age of Civilizations Folder into it. Then there should popup a overwrite, click ok. Dont worry if there no overwrite then you dont need it. First i recommend you to install the game new. Then you make it and you should have no errors.
  5. This is a mod that shows the real political Situation the world can have in 20 years. Countries like Hungary used the Coronavirus to create a Regime. Or what if the AfD (Alternative for Germany) Party wins and leaves the federal Republic of Germany. Or what if Venezuelas President Maduro never gives away the power. New countries New political Situations New Scenarios New Pandemic Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KqEmcNeIFcG8RAOjvj8A22RbjTgIaVWr
  6. Klaus


    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, states declared independence. New states like Liberland are added. War breaks out in Ethiopia and the peoples declare independence. The Central African Republic has risen to democratic status and has a water connection. Countries without recognition are no longer on the map. Lesotho and Equatorial Guinea. The monarchy is introduced in Germany. 2099.rar
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