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  1. War of the Phone industries when
  2. I meant the bug which causes the a.i. to take a long time to finish a turn, ya know, the thing that happened in the original game in the Modern world scenario
  3. I was so hyped to play this mod and once i got it i was pretty dissapointed The fact that almost all provinces have no name makes me furious And almost all scenarios have that damn bug with the a.i. where it takes too long to make a turn.
  4. I saw in the video some mistakes on the map 1.There are holes between the provinces of Algeria(Located in the Northern Algeria) 2.Borders of Croatia and Slovenia are messed up 3.Borders of Germamy and the Czech Republic are messed up aswell I would be glad if you fixed these mistakes.
  5. Well now that theres a virus thrratening to kill the world, you might have unlimited free time now Also add some more diseases and name them how you want
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