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  1. Is it possible to slow down the game? Like, in terms of how fast do the years go? Because I don't really know how to feel about the clone wars starting in 40 ABY...
  2. To all peeps asking if it's dead. Yes, it's kinda dead The developer basically quit developing this mod or just develop it once in a month and instead decided to improve his Discord server.
  3. I need ur exclusive opinion: Omino once famously said I was basically you, do you agree with this? 

    1. Arianas07


      You don't say the N word on 11:59 server, so no 

    2. Shiite


      Hm a good point 

  4. Guess this is another dead mod which had very great potentional.
  5. Release a new, working link for Android (I'm watching you, Nine)
  6. Will an android with 64GB total space and 4GB ram be able to run it? (on normal version)
  7. So, it will release after like 1-2 months? 😄
  8. Any news?
  9. How about a 1776 scenario? Only one mod has this scenario, from what I know.
  10. This is honestly the best thing I have seen for mobile games (if it will be actually playable on mobile :D). Can't wait for the release!
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