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  1. Nice ! You are doing a perfect work dude ! ^^
  2. Hi, that's a really impressive work, but, I guess a little request. I'm french, and the Savoy is not good on your map. That's the good Savoy ; (Up : "Haute-Savoie" (Up-Savoy I think ^^), and down : Savoy. Also, the capitals are not goods. Up : Annecy / Savoy : Chambéry. And, in the third image, it's the actual departments of the metropolitan France, and in red the Savoy, down to the other Savoy. (The hystorical Savoy is the two provinces, with Chambéry for capital). Thank you to fix it, and good work ! 👍😉 PS : I live in Savoy, so, it's important for me 😊
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