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  1. British influence zone in malay states
  2. Some of these like banjar and... in rebellion. Idk I researched the map only for now. Sarawak, Brunei and North Borneo are vassals of UK.
  3. What I did on Saturday:
  4. Borneo Island is finished! (Until you suggest one more kingdom that I dont know)
  5. I'll be more active on the weekends, but don't think it's dead because I don't write much, I don't have time.
  6. No, but it will take a long time, the first version v0.1 will only include the scenario.
  7. New provinces have not been added yet because Kerem Yılmaz has not written to me yet, but I have thought about these provinces from the beginning. Ghat will be a seperate province for Kel Aijer.
  8. What I have added to Sumatra for now. Using These:
  9. Good to see Tannu Uriankhai.
  10. regions of china(Qing,Ching) its because of translate problem
  11. Edited Mongolia and neighboring regions. You can share a map of china counties and autonomous regions that match the game's map. I'm tired of researching and school.
  12. Kazakh khanate( 14**-1847) is bukhara then 😅
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