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  1. Oh 😅 I go on the map and add a lot of rivers. I am drawing the Dalmatian coast right now. I can add rivers you said add.
  2. Dostum yeni oyun yeni motor yeni özellikler yeni harita yeni mantık istiyorum ama bu konuyu ingilizce yazsaydın daha çok cevap alırdın söylüyim
  3. Ecofcu


    come on my friends Let's not kill this place.
  4. İm no idea for this. İm using translate but i saw this. This is lukasz Jakowski's account heheh. 😄
  5. and remove the tour system. Add Time System.
  6. I will take a break. But you may still see a surprise update.
  7. +1 @Łukasz Jakowski Come Here and See this!
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