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  1. İ'll remove a bit serbian provinces because serbs have so much it.
  2. Write your creative and necessary ideas. My Ideas: 1 - For other types of government where the constitution is used, with the exception of absolute monarchy, pre-edited content-rich constitution making section should be added. Constitution opens up like an option in the game and it is like a book in which decisions can be added by spending points. 2 - Battle Plans: Battle plans can be opened from the button in one corner of the screen. And a route can be created regarding the province to reach our soldiers in the event of possible war and how the
  3. Hmm im sorry but this is the best I can do.
  4. İ'm on phone (if u dont know). İ'm using autodesk Sketchbook.
  5. İm lazy cuz im drawing slow. I wish I could share it to my helper without merging layers (if anyone can help).
  6. If I had a computer I would use the "Image Map Maker" (I couldn't remember the name) and find the colored state map of Hoi4 from the wiki and make a map I think. Did this idea just come to my mind? 🤨
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