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  1. Aquati

    Afghan Wars

    I see that the topic is becoming quite current and there is more interest. I will try to finish the details and upload it. P.S: Someone can open me a DM to teach me how to upload the mod here?
  2. Aquati

    Afghan Wars

    This is my first map-mod (and second attempt). The provinces are done (280), taking as a reference more or less the current administrative divisions. My main idea is to focus on the current Afghan civil war and the Afghan-Soviet war but also other modern scenarios that involved Afghanistan. My first attempt reached 650 but I made several mistakes, so I wanted to do it again and also with far fewer provinces. The current nation-states with with the current borders are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The last two are somewhat irrelevant. I will most like
  3. No matter, I have found the solution.
  4. Are there any tutorial about that?
  5. I created a map with Map Editor 2.0, but all provinces have similar population at start. How I can change it? For example, making deserted provinces the least populated and urban provinces the most populated.
  6. At least, can you launch with 2 provinces?
  7. What are you waiting for to add more provinces in Middle Eastern like Syria? P.S.: 3 provinces for Israel is a prank
  8. I wrote a well-meaning message and all I received in this forum are insults and toxic messages. Disappointing community.
  9. Other one with lack of respect and education OMG. Says that I'm a "toxic" with a toxic message XD
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