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    Afghan Wars

    I see that the topic is becoming quite current and there is more interest. I will try to finish the details and upload it. P.S: Someone can open me a DM to teach me how to upload the mod here?
  2. Aquati

    Afghan Wars

    This is my first map-mod (and second attempt). The provinces are done (280), taking as a reference more or less the current administrative divisions. My main idea is to focus on the current Afghan civil war and the Afghan-Soviet war but also other modern scenarios that involved Afghanistan. My first attempt reached 650 but I made several mistakes, so I wanted to do it again and also with far fewer provinces. The current nation-states with with the current borders are Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The last two are somewhat irrelevant. I will most like
  3. No matter, I have found the solution.
  4. Are there any tutorial about that?
  5. I created a map with Map Editor 2.0, but all provinces have similar population at start. How I can change it? For example, making deserted provinces the least populated and urban provinces the most populated.
  6. At least, can you launch with 2 provinces?
  7. What are you waiting for to add more provinces in Middle Eastern like Syria? P.S.: 3 provinces for Israel is a prank
  8. I wrote a well-meaning message and all I received in this forum are insults and toxic messages. Disappointing community.
  9. Other one with lack of respect and education OMG. Says that I'm a "toxic" with a toxic message XD
  10. I was wondering how is possible that Micronesia Federation have 440.000 of economy when germany only about 300.000. And also I'd like the addition of more Syrian, Lebanese, Jordan and Israeli provincies, especially Golan Heights.
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