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  1. Some borders are very bad, especially in Latin America
  2. esooooo g4to atr, aguante argentina papa las malvinas son argentinas
  3. Good morning, today I bring you a scenario of AOC2, this is from Argentina and its Provinces, the limits of the provinces are not really like that but it was how the game left it to me, enjoy it and rearm Argentina! Note: ADDON + mod is required argentina provinces.zip
  4. good afternoon, in this scenario of the year 1895 it will have several things 1) in this scenario Argentina is the first world power (because at that time it was surpassing the USA) and also some European nations about to colonize Africa and Asia, it does not bring events but if you want I can bring a version with events, in case of any query and error notify my Discord: ♤ m4ri4no_LIB # 7822(sorry for my english) scenario 1.zip
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    The drive link does not work
  6. Arequia in Peru please
  7. Hello everyone, in this scenario it is based on the "Unthinkable Operation", we can say that it is a beta version since I plan to do the same, but with Asia and there doing Operation DownFall, this scenario (which is only in Europe) brings some events, although some are missing, will be released in the next version, while you enjoy it, it has some events in case you want to enjoy, sorry for my English is not very good, any suggestion for the stage or any data that you want to contribute to my discord (if possible send me messages in Spanish): m4ri4no_ns # 7822 1584724755366mkxsdvtr.rar
  8. Las fronteras en latinoamerica estan super mal
  9. The borders of South America at that time were not like this
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    Hello, how can I install a mod to aoc2? I want to install the ADDON
  11. Okay, I'll see how I fix it
  12. Scenario of the Napoleonic wars but, if Napoleon defeats Russia, England and Spain (after 1812) Discord: VETEREN CAT #7822 1587941513867wfedzwcu.zip
  13. I suggest that you target nuclei, example: in Russia, nuclei of Poland, Ukraine, etc., and thus in all countries.
  14. Hello, this is my first scenario that I have created, we can say that the scenario is in BETA since I plan to put events and more nuclei in the future, any suggestion you have to my discord (if possible send me messages in Spanish because my English not very good) Discord: VETERAN CAT # 7822 1587869824031kgzawvxr.zip
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    Scenario help

    How can i share with you can that can download a scenario you have created?
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