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  1. hey hey, do you know how to write a city in different alphabet or ? for exemple, a russian city name written in latin and cyrillic alphabet ? same for arab cities etc etc
  2. hey do you know how to create a federation like the holy roman empire in the game ?
  3. Hey, is it possible to write the name of a city in several alphabet/script ? If yes do you know how to do it ?
  4. but the name of the leader is not written below the vassal state name, i dont understand
  5. i start a new game and i free this vassal state
  6. i created a leader for a vassal state
  7. Hey community, Ive created leaders and i gave them countries to rule BEFORE starting a game. When i add a vassal state during my game, the name of the created leader does not appear. Can you help me ?
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