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  1. 605 Provinces Completed! Sorry for not working on the mod in 2 months, but I will start working on it again! Anyway, here's a quick update.
  2. The Europa Universalis Mod will add all governments that are in EU4 and all civilizations, it will also include all scenarios in EU4. Currently there are 204 completed provinces and I hope to complete the map by Christmas.
  3. As I am unable to finish the province map I have decided that to save large amounts of time, that I will be moving my work to my new "Europa Universalis" mod. I will link the form page once I make it.
  4. 310 Provinces Completed! Provinces Completed!
  5. Yeah I hadn't been doing the mod for a while, I only started doing it again a few days ago.
  6. AgentCreeper

    Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour is a mod that will add a new map with around 2800 provinces and a revamped UI! It may also feature a better diplomatic system with features that had been left out in the base game.
  7. Liechtenstein is already in and the others will most likely be added after the release
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