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  1. hooman

    Ottoman Persian Wars

    In the first period of the wars, Iran defeated and left much of its territory to the Ottoman Empire. But in the era of Shah Abbas, Persia succeeded in defeating the Ottoman Empire and compensating for the past defeats. But after the death of Shah Abbas Persia defeated the Ottoman Empire, but a generals named Naderkoli took power of Persia and won the title of Nader Shah again to Ottoman rule. This scenario is about Iran and Ottoman wars at a time when Shah Abbas ruled Persia and Uthman II over the Ottomans.
  2. hooman

    Ottoman Persian Wars

    if you have any question or offer , tell me about them . enjoy the scenario 😀
  3. hooman

    Ottoman Persian Wars

    This scenario is about Ottoman and Persia wars: The Ottoman Empire conquered all Islamic countries. Persia (or Iran) was the only empire that resisted the Ottoman majesty. On the other hand, the Ottomans succeeded in defeating Persia by their wish to conquer all Islamic lands. 1550815604955amyyzpjy.rar
  4. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    i just wanted add events about year 2000 to 2014 and i heard that turkey goverment had a communist rebelation . and i created it . i do not know information about Europe because i am not from Europe . ( i created every informations about middle east because i am from iran ; sorry about incorrect events about turkey )
  5. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

  6. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    is this the place of communist turkey ?
  7. hooman

    Lukasz Jakowski whats your Next plan?

    I realy enjoyed age of civilations 2 game thanks to Łukasz Jakowski 😃 I think age of civilation 3 is a great project for next years
  8. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

  9. hooman

    Can someBody help me ?

    I need a map that is about an island and I can not Create it. Does anyone have a map like this?
  10. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    For creating events I needed some nations ; I created them and add to scenario This is new nations and new Leaders picture . After I completed events ; I will send the new nations with the scenario
  11. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    I have a question I checked the scenario , do you added all nations in 2000 ?
  12. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    the afghan terrorists name is not mojahedin . their name is Taliban ( I will change that) and Ok I will work on this scenario
  13. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    is that means you will send me the scenario and i will add events ? ok I will create nations and events just send me the scenario and i will add events and nations (sorry for incorrect writing because i can not speak english very well)
  14. hooman

    Y2K "The New Order"

    I can help you What questions do you have about year 2000 ?
  15. hooman

    Games War

    thank you very much or بسیار متشکرم