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    what is your discord?

    1. hooman


      at this moment i dont have discord account with my new number but if you want , you can message in +989922864791 in whatsapp

  2. خیلی ممنون دوستان که حمایت کردید
  3. سلام داداش خوبی ، من مدته زیادیه عضوه کلوپم ولی اکانتم به زودی غیر فعال میشه اگه خواستی راجب تاریخ ایران و این بازی بحث کنیم به شماره من 09922864791 داخل واتساپ پیام بده

    زنده باد ایران 💪

  4. yeah that song is very good for this scenario 😀
  5. I Decided To Create A Scenario About : What Could Be 1939 If World War I Didnt Happend ? But I Need Your Offers . Please Tell What Could Be This Great War ?? German Empire Was Exist Or We Had German Reich ? Did Russia Have Revolution ? Did We Have Communist ? And What Nation Could Starter of World War 1 At 1939 ????????
  6. Nice Work ! We Are Waiting For Full Video of Scenario
  7. Very Nice ! It Will Be More GreatFull If You Use A Nice Music On Your Video
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