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  1. خیلی ممنون دوستان که حمایت کردید
  2. سلام داداش خوبی ، من مدته زیادیه عضوه کلوپم ولی اکانتم به زودی غیر فعال میشه اگه خواستی راجب تاریخ ایران و این بازی بحث کنیم به شماره من 09922864791 داخل واتساپ پیام بده

    زنده باد ایران 💪

  3. yeah that song is very good for this scenario 😀
  4. I Decided To Create A Scenario About : What Could Be 1939 If World War I Didnt Happend ? But I Need Your Offers . Please Tell What Could Be This Great War ?? German Empire Was Exist Or We Had German Reich ? Did Russia Have Revolution ? Did We Have Communist ? And What Nation Could Starter of World War 1 At 1939 ????????
  5. Nice Work ! We Are Waiting For Full Video of Scenario
  6. Very Nice ! It Will Be More GreatFull If You Use A Nice Music On Your Video
  7. hooman


    Did anyone see the 300 movie ?
  8. Also Nader Shah Is Called Persians Napoleon Too
  9. After the overthrow of the Safavid kingdom by the Afghans, the Shah of Iran, Sultan Hussein, was killed by them But his son, Tahmasp II, intended to recapture the Persia government, So he chose a young general named Nader as the commander of the Persia Corps Nader defeated Afganistani and expelled them from Persia, but the Ottoman and Tsarist empires of Russia constantly attacked Iran Nader was selected to manage the attacks as the Chief Minister, but very soon he dismissed Tahmasb and his son, and became the king of Persia In 1736 , His Campaign Starts as The Last Conqure of Asia
  10. Enjoy Killing Vampires With Your Own Nation
  11. n 1860, the vampire family in Transylvania began to replicate a viral gene from the blood The virus spreads in Europe - China - India and Brazil And in 1870, Britain formed an alliance against vampires from all countries In this scenario, you have to choose your country and fight with Vampires Vampire Empire 1.rar
  12. Yes . Neutronex  videos gives me ideas for creating scenarios , in the future i will create zombie , robot and allien invesition from videos
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