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  1. Thank you for the suggestions! I took some of them that i thought were i needed and made the changes. 1. I gave Chile independence, and instead made an alliance between Peru and Chile. 2.The US is no longer allies with Arizona 3.I got rid of all the wasteland (in hindsight it didn't make sense to have wasteland in the far future) 4.I fixed Scottish borders 5.Changed kalmir union to Scandinavia 6.I changed the Turkish borders 7.I gave papal states (Italy) More land and India is basically the communist country that rivals the united nations. Australia (whi
  2. If you click on map editor and scroll down there is a option to "Generate predefined borders". If you click on it then it goes through a cycle of every country in 1-2 minutes. When it's there are no noticeable changes. Does anyone know what this is? (I'm on android by the way)
  3. This is just a fantasy scenario i came up with. I'm on android so unfortunately there are no events, or download. Please give me feedback or suggestions!
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