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  1. Italy attacks Montenegro because Montenegrin fishermen crossed the Italian border, and due to other disagreements Italy takes the city of Budva, but Serbia comes to Montenegro's aid, and after that Albania attacks Montenegro and takes the city of Podgorica and Berane, Italian soldiers bomb Podgorica. the Montenegrin president ends up dead. And the whole Balkans declares war on Italy. http://prntscr.com/sqp2i0 [MONTENEGRO INVASION COMPLETE]
  2. I make scenario about world war 1 but is alternative, austria-hungary, German Empire, Ottoman Empire expands, and austria-hungary returns croatia to attack serbia 😄 Montenegro takes a Trebinje and Serbia takes a small part of albania, i soon add events to scenario, and when I add events when I put the link for download ;D If you have questions please ask, 😄
  3. shaiq

    World War I

    Austria-Hungary is not attack serbia, serbia is attack austria-hungary to help allies (sorry for bad english)
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