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  1. Looks Succesful 😉
  2. I Do It With Photoshop Slice Tool That Is Really Easy
  3. Serbia Map Has Been Completed! (200 Provinces) The Map Will Be Downloadable Tomorrow (22 May 2020)
  4. Voyvodina Complete! (45 Provinces)
  5. Those who want to help can write from here
  6. BIG SERBIA MAP . . -Number of Province is 200 -Just Serbia and Kosova Exist on This Map -There Are 6 Scenarios -This Is First Version (1.0) I Will Fix The Bugs or Add Scenarios With Updates -You Can Download In The Bottom Of The Post . IMAGES: DOWNLOAD: Serbia 1.0.rar🙂
  7. This happens to me too, I have good pc too but it still takes a long time.


    Here is My Source: http://geacron.com/home-en/
  9. I do not know much about that geography, I will try to correct it
  10. ANEXIS


    If there is any mistake please tell me 😉
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