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  1. pierwsza wojna światowa, wojna trzydziestoletnia wojna siedmioletnia, 1000,1600,1700,1500 to powinno wystarczyć
  2. twoje zdjęcie profilowe pokazuje (chyba) że jesteś fanem countryhumans ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I also think like her
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    Great West

    Great West good i admit i already started and i finished poland austria, slovakia, czech republic, hungary, the balkans, benelux, parts of italy, uk france and skandinavia.as for small country it will have san marino, vatican, and liechtenstien and switzerland.Regarding the release date I will soon release the demo with the countries I mentioned before and there is just the background and some scenario. And the full version will be available in June or at the end of May... Progress 406 Provinces Spain and irland are finished ! Italy,France,Germany,United Kingdom are remaining ! Beta V0.1 The Link https://mega.nz/file/Jw93XLyC#MbzJErmD32b-SogZeR12ZDU7JxdRGJIt9_d9P4UvxTg Warning ! Before you gonna play please remember this is my first map. I have to do it? Info i gonna soon realase the version 0.2 with new background and countries (spain,ireland) Help! when i start my game it goes out can someone help me please?
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