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  1. Dear all sorry there is a reason why I cannot access the discord server anymore... have been banned but there is no clear reason for that I have not done something strange orparitular to have deserved a such treatment
  2. Sorry I have an advice there is any chances to have a scenario with together all the states sub regions for Europe and/Or Resto of the WOrld ( Eg the one just created of Italy, Spain, France and so on...) I think it would be cool,... playing a scenario with only italian sub-regions will be a quit quick game to play with only 105 provences.,,,
  3. Hi All you are doing a great job here,.. I was wondering if there were the chances to improve the Italian regional Split adjusting the provinces here I am attaching how the regions and provences should be shaped and split adding as well eventually S Marino, Vatican City, Elba and potentially Capri & Ischia....
  4. HI I do not know for all of you but for now on my mobile the came is unplayable the font of the country flag and caste are not changeable (therefore when you zoom in are quite big), therefore to move troops from 1 land to another is quite difficult and the zoom in to the lowest level keeps you still quite far... I do not see to be that slow the waiting time when you click next turn are you all experiencing the same issue cheers
  5. My Phone I have just checked is 3 GB Ram do you think will work on it...?
  6. Sorry I do not see this downloadable section on youtube .... is it ready? tks
  7. Dear all this project is fantastic I am seriously looking forward to use it.... I was wondering if looking at the italian map it could be reflecting the current state of the effective national geographical provences..... you went very close providing in Italy there are currently 107 territorial disctrict excluding Vatican & San Marino I could post that given map if interested... here is the map how should look like regardsmappa_tavole_Province.pdf G
  8. hi sorry I have joined your server any chances you could share with me the credentials to access the download file tks
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